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Patch 1.39

All of my mods are compatible with patch 1.39. You do not need to Just a reminder: Don’t forget to report any issues you come across with my mods! 🙂

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Mists of Pandaria and Me

My dear readers! You may or may not know this, but I play more than just Sims games. I am actually a guild leader for a World of Warcraft guild on the EU servers. There is a new expansion for WoW coming out on Tuesday, September 25th, so that means that I may be slow in responding to your questions, concerns and requests. I apologize in advance for this inconvenience, but I must go level in the new Wow zones! And train pets! And all the other fun things coming with MoP.

There are a couple of mods I’m currently working on, which I hope to finish before Tuesday, but I can’t promise anything. 

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New Mod: Deadly Poisoned Apple

Introducing: The Deadly Poisoned Apple

This is a modded object which replaces EA’s Poisoned Apple, conjured by Witches in Supernatural, with a Deadly Poisoned Apple. This new poisoned apple will kill your sims if they eat it, so be careful!

Important Details

  • This mod requires The Sims 3 Supernatural Expansion pack.
  • Built with patch 1.38 and is not compatible with any patch level before patch 1.38.


  • This mod overrides the applePoisoned OBJK resource found in the FullBuild package for Supernatural. This mod will conflict with any other mod that overrides this resource.
  • This mod has no known conflicts.


  • Your sim will die from starvation after eating the Poisoned Apple. While I did try to make the death type more interesting, death by starvation had the best animation and is actually kind of funny.
  • Children do not die from eating a Poisoned Apple. Their innocence protects them, or something.
  • This mod uses EA’s ITUN for tuning. If you don’t want your sims to eat the apple autonomously, you’ll need a mod that alters thePoisonedAppleEat_PoisonedApple ITUN. See: No Autonomous Eat Poisoned Apples (also Safe Actives)
  • Want No Autonomous Conjure Apple? Try this: No Autonomous Conjure Apple

Note: Because this mod is an OBJK override, this mod will not affect previously existing poisoned apples in your saved game. After you have installed this mod, you must conjure a new poisoned apple. 

Don’t forget to the delete the scriptcache before loading your game.

Please report any problems you encounter with this mod.

Download Available at Simlogical

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New Mods: Easier Relationships with your pets

I have some new mods out. The first of the bunch are a set of mods that make it easier to gain relationship with your pets. It was starting to get old that it would take too much time for my sims to have ncie relationships with their pets. After all, I want my sims to do other things too.

Improved Relationship Gain with Pets
This is a set of three separate mods, which you can use together, or individually, to improve your relationship with your pets. One file is for cats, one for dogs, and one for horses. Again, you may mix and match these mods as you please.


Improved Beloved Pet, and other Animal-Related Traits
This mod decreases the cost of the Beloved Animal Lifetime Reward, and improves the relationship gain bonus from having the lifetime reward. Additionally, the mod increases relationship gain bonus for Animal Lovers, Dog Lovers, Cat Lovers and Equestrians, as well as for Friendly pets.


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About My Tree of Prosperity Mod

My Tree of Prosperity mod is BROKEN, and I am unable to fix it. No matter what I do, the pixies/fireflies do not spawn at the tree. I don’t know what this is, but for now, please consider the mod obsolete and unsupported. Use it at your own risk.

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In France for the weekend (again)

Going to France again this weekend. If you have a problem with one of my mods while I’m gone, I’m sorry. You’ll have to wait until I’m back. 


Happy weekend 🙂

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My Cow Plant Mods and Patch 1.38

There are a few things you might be interested in knowing about patch 1.38. EA has added some tuning for the premium content items into the GameplayData.package. However, these files are not loaded by the game, becaue the files in the DCCache (and yes,the mods folder as well) have a higher priority. What this hints at is that EA is planning a store patch which will somehow incorporate these changes into the store content.

Changes I’ve noticed:

  • Cow Plant gets hungry every 1 day (down from 3)
  • Cow Plant Eat Cake interaction has high advertising to Paparazzi and Tourist sims
  • Cow Plant Eat Cake interaction has higher advertising for certain traits, and lower advertising for other traits
  • Broken Premium Content Objects now advertise to Bonehilda when they break, so that Bonehilda will repair them

These changes are not game breaking, so I will not be updating my Cow Plant mods for them. If anything my Ciw Plant mods already cover them in some way. I do plan to revisit the mods once EA releases a store patch. I would like my mods to match EA’s tuning (except for what I want to change) as close as possible — but I don’t want to do double the work just for the sake of it. It is safe to continue using my cow plant tuning mods. They will not harm your game and they will work fine.

I did update my Cow Plant Script mod, and you might want to pick that update up. It was an extremely minor update, which I only made to match Ea’s coding. Also, Grim won’t be able to use the Eat Cake interaction anymore.

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About Patch 1.38

While I was spending another weekend away in France, EA dropped a patch on us. Of course, this patch is huge when it comes to mods. Many mods have been rendered broken and/or obsolete. I apologize for the delay in updating my mods — I had no idea there would be a patch and I was enjoying a nice get away with my darling husband. In any case, here’s the scoop on my mods:

  • All of my script mods are compatible with patch 1.38.
  • Most of my tuning mods have either been updated or were already compatible with the patch.
  • ALL of my The Cow Plant mods will require an update, and possibly require a re-work (for the tuning mods). EA has altered the Cow Plant tuning themselves and now advertise the Eat Cake interaction to Paparazzi and Tourists!

I’m still looking at stuff and going through the game files, so there may be more news to come. For now, I hope you’ll remain patient. The Cow Plant tuning mods are huge. Each flavor has several files and there a whole crap load of flavors. It will take time for me decide what to do with them. That said — using the tuning tweaks will not harm your game. The mods are actually compatible with patch.


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