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Crash To Desktop: DasmX86Dll.dll not found

One of the more common questions I see about game crashes is:

“My crash log says ‘DasmX86Dll.dll not found.’ What is DasmX86Dll.dll? Where can I get it?”

DasmX86Dll.dll is not the reason for your crash. You can see here where a SimGuru explains what DasmX86Dll.dll is:

The dasmdx86.dll is an artifact of the error reporting process - a placeholder for another error. That particular .dll does not exist, except in a testing environment.

The dasmdx86.dll is an artifact of the error reporting process – a placeholder for another error. That particular .dll does not exist, except in a testing environment.

Source: The Sims 3 Official Forums

The most common causes of crashing issues are:

You might find the following pages useful:

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Things to do

I have a rather large list of things I’d like to do, but my motivation to complete theses tasks is entirely absent.


  • Finish project with Zed
  • Finish project with Bloom (car-related)
  • Really try to finish cat’s latest request (rabbithole-related)
  • Finally look into overhauling the custom food script and maybe go with JT’s suggestions at MTS
  • Look into that whole blanket thing (intentionally vague to avoid getting anyone’s hopes up)


  • Add some touch ups to the CC Magic tutorial
  • Add touch ups to the InvalidParts Tuning tutorial at the NRaas Wiki
  • Possibly overhaul the custom moodlet tutorial
  • New tutorial: Using ILSpy to browse the core libraries? (for non-script modders)


  • I need a better Mod Index that’s easier to update and maintain.
    • Inge suggested putting my ModIndex on a Wiki, so that’s something to look into
  • Would like to transfer the last few mods hosted only on this blog to Simlogical
    • At least this one is mainly a copy/paste job with some formatting & linking involved
  • Possibly clean up the folder where I keep all my mods on my computer, and re-organize
  • Finally make a VS template so starting a new mod is half the work
  • Possibly create a standardized mod framework for my mods, for more efficiency
  • Finally finish the blender tutorial so I can make some objects

See! So much to do! And I’ve actually been working on this project with bloom for a really long time, we just always got side tracked by one thing or another. And Zed was probably hoping I’d be done with her stuff by now too. But I’m just entirely unmotivated when it’s coming to any sims-related stuff right now.


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What I’ve been up to: Actually playing!

I’ve been a little quiet on the blog front the last several days, and that’s because I finally found some time to just sit down and play. Boy, has it been fun. I wasn’t sure how much I wanted Showtime, but I’ve really enjoyed the singer career so far. I haven’t even tried the Magician or Acrobat yet, nor have I tried the DJ booth. In fact, I probably haven’t tried most of the new stuff! I tend to focus early in the game on establishing the family and setting up a nice savings account so the new generations can do whatever they want. Actually, I suppose most people would consider it a boring way to play but who cares! It’s the freaking SIMS.

Of course, while playing I’ve also spent some time trying to fix silly bugs or other broken things. I had an issue with my dog not being able to sniff out collectibles, but luckily I posted about it on the NRaas wiki and I didn’t have to do half as much work as I would have if I tried to figure it out on my own.  I’ve also been having some issues with the game crashing in a seemingly random ways. I have no idea how I can possibly figure out what is causing the crash because I haven’t found a way to reproduce the crash. It just kind of happens. The Crash Log Analyzer is not helping that much as some of the crashes are Break Point crashes. I get a custom content warning, but obviously, I don’t know how to figure out which custom content it might be!

In any case, I’m really enjoying Showtime, so that’s what counts.

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