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New Mod: Deadly Poisoned Apple

Introducing: The Deadly Poisoned Apple

This is a modded object which replaces EA’s Poisoned Apple, conjured by Witches in Supernatural, with a Deadly Poisoned Apple. This new poisoned apple will kill your sims if they eat it, so be careful!

Important Details

  • This mod requires The Sims 3 Supernatural Expansion pack.
  • Built with patch 1.38 and is not compatible with any patch level before patch 1.38.


  • This mod overrides the applePoisoned OBJK resource found in the FullBuild package for Supernatural. This mod will conflict with any other mod that overrides this resource.
  • This mod has no known conflicts.


  • Your sim will die from starvation after eating the Poisoned Apple. While I did try to make the death type more interesting, death by starvation had the best animation and is actually kind of funny.
  • Children do not die from eating a Poisoned Apple. Their innocence protects them, or something.
  • This mod uses EA’s ITUN for tuning. If you don’t want your sims to eat the apple autonomously, you’ll need a mod that alters thePoisonedAppleEat_PoisonedApple ITUN. See: No Autonomous Eat Poisoned Apples (also Safe Actives)
  • Want No Autonomous Conjure Apple? Try this: No Autonomous Conjure Apple

Note: Because this mod is an OBJK override, this mod will not affect previously existing poisoned apples in your saved game. After you have installed this mod, you must conjure a new poisoned apple. 

Don’t forget to the delete the scriptcache before loading your game.

Please report any problems you encounter with this mod.

Download Available at Simlogical


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  1. Hello, I really like this mod, but do you think you can make a no autonomous conjuring of apples mod. Only because even though they may not eat them autonomously, it does get annoying that they do it every two seconds. Thank you in advance.

    Comment by Dianca Rock | September 18, 2012 | Reply

  2. Thank you very much, I appreciate this….

    Comment by Dianca Rock | October 8, 2012 | Reply

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