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What’s my temperature? Script Mod to check Household Temperature Values

There’s no reason to rely on dodgy moodlets to be informed about your sim’s temperature. With this mod installed, you will be able to click on any sim and instantly get a report detailing the temperature of all sims in the target sim’s household.

More Information and Download Available at Simlogical

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Custom Edible Food: Six Raw Meats

Are your Werewolves tired of hunting so much? Do your Vampires need a change from Plasma Juice, Plasma Juice, More Plasma Juice, and the occasional Plasma Fruit? Give your supernaturals (or even your particularly blood thirsty mortals) a change of pace with these nutritious raw meats.

Note: You must have my Custom Food Script Mod for these foods to function at all. You will not be able to use these foods without my mod.

More Information and Download at Simlogical

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Got my Seasons!

Seasons unlocked on my Origin last night and I downloaded it over night. I am so excited, I don’t know where to start. I actually didn’t really play much at all when SN came out, so I have plenty to catch up with on that end as well. I’m thinking of making a werewolf painter who is very sensitive but has an uncontrollable animalistic side. Cliche much? Oh well.

I have also been super excited to hear about StarCraft II : Heart of the Swarm and yes, I’ve pre-ordered it. Since we ordered the digital deluxe edition, I’ve even got a darling new pet in Wow! I got him to level 21 yesterday but today I will likely focus on playing Seasons.

I have been looking into modding the Weather Stone but I’ve haven’t had much luck with it so far. After I spent some time loading and re-loading the game to test what I had, I realized I was in danger of falling into the same trap I fall into every expansion: Modding more than playing. Now, I love modding. I love supporting my mods, and I love helping others to get started modding or to understand mods in general, but I’d really like to sit back and enjoy some Sims for a little while. If somebody else figures out the Weather Stone while I do this, that’s great! If not, I’ll see what I can do. In the meantime, I’m going to take some time to enjoy this game, which I’ve actually spent tons of money on and hardly play enough.

That said, if you’ve got links to sim blogs, or legacies or simblrs or anything you want me to look at it and think is cool, feel free to share them. I really do enjoy looking at other people’s screenshots and reading their stories. Also, feel free to keep requesting mods. The easy mods I’ll make without a second thought 🙂 I really don’t mind that at all.

PS I do have something really fun in the works for the Custom Food Script mod. If all goes well, it should be done eventually! heehee 😀

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New Updates To Several Script Mods

The follow script mods were compatible with 1.42 but have received minor updates. I do recommend you re-download them.

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About Patch 1.42

The best place to find out about my mods when a new patch hits is at Simlogical: Nona’s Stuff. I always make a couple of threads there which details the process as I go through my mods and updated them, and also lists the general compatibility of my mods.

If you visited the forums at Simlogica, then you probably already know that all of my script mods were compatible with patch 1.42. There were five tuning mods that required an update (the usual suspects and the ice cream maker mod):

  • [Pets] Better Beloved Pet Updated
  • [PC] Less/No Autonomous Ice Cream Maker Updated
  • [LN] No Celeb Requirement for Film Career Updated
  • [Pets] No/Slower Social and Exercise Decay for Pets Updated
  • [Pets] Horse mod: No Autonomous Exit Box Stall, slower motive decay Updated

Although my Custom Food Script mod was compatible with 1.42, I did update it to include a new moodlet and class: NonaDriedFoodCookie. I also updated the OBJK overrides for that mod:

Script for Customs Foods

OBJK Overrides for Custom Food

Also, there’s new custom food Available at ATS3 and form OBP: ATS3 Chocolatier, OBP Edible Halloween Cookies

Because OBP is using Ad.Fly, you might have trouble getting to her blog from mine. Sorry about that, but that’s word press. They don’t like Ad.Fly.

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