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Quick Update (I’m not dead, yet)

This month has been really rough on me. I’ve been sick through most of it, but with different stuff! The worst was a stomach virus that left me unable to eat for like 5 days. Actually, I still can’t eat properly, and even ice cream makes me feel awful. Ice Cream is my favorite thing EVER so I’m really, really bummed about. Then a week after the stomach virus thing I went off for a weekend in France with my darling husband and my allergies went haywire. I didn’t remember to bring allergy meds with me so I basically incapacitated for the entire weekend.

So yeah, that’s why some updates were slow, I think even the ccmerged update was slow. I have really been feeling like junk for basically a month, but I think I’m back on track now so hooray for that. I’ve been on something on a Sim hiatus again while I play some Guild Wars 2 and Minecraft, though. I miss my simmies so I’ll hopefully pay them a visit soon.

That’s all for the update. Riveting, I know 😉

August 21, 2013 Posted by | Uncategorized | 4 Comments