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My Cow Plant Mods and Patch 1.38

There are a few things you might be interested in knowing about patch 1.38. EA has added some tuning for the premium content items into the GameplayData.package. However, these files are not loaded by the game, becaue the files in the DCCache (and yes,the mods folder as well) have a higher priority. What this hints at is that EA is planning a store patch which will somehow incorporate these changes into the store content.

Changes I’ve noticed:

  • Cow Plant gets hungry every 1 day (down from 3)
  • Cow Plant Eat Cake interaction has high advertising to Paparazzi and Tourist sims
  • Cow Plant Eat Cake interaction has higher advertising for certain traits, and lower advertising for other traits
  • Broken Premium Content Objects now advertise to Bonehilda when they break, so that Bonehilda will repair them

These changes are not game breaking, so I will not be updating my Cow Plant mods for them. If anything my Ciw Plant mods already cover them in some way. I do plan to revisit the mods once EA releases a store patch. I would like my mods to match EA’s tuning (except for what I want to change) as close as possible — but I don’t want to do double the work just for the sake of it. It is safe to continue using my cow plant tuning mods. They will not harm your game and they will work fine.

I did update my Cow Plant Script mod, and you might want to pick that update up. It was an extremely minor update, which I only made to match Ea’s coding. Also, Grim won’t be able to use the Eat Cake interaction anymore.


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