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Patch 1.57 – No damage!

As far as Patch 1.57 goes, you’re excused from downloading any updates for my mods. Patch 1.57 was a very minor patch. All of my mods were compatible with the patch and no updates were required. This is true for most mods. There are a handful of mods out there (core mods, Overwatch, and some Stereo XML mods) that require an update, but most of your mods will work fine with the patch.

Also, the ccmerged has been updated for the latest Premium Content, as well as my Spell Book buff mods.


Happy Simming!

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Patch 1.48

There are NO significant changes in patch 1.48. All mods that were compatible with patch 1.47 are compatible with patch 1.48.

More information about patches 1.47-1.48.

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Patch Confusion: 1.31, 1.32, and 1.33

EA really missed the mark this time around with the new patch that comes along with every expansion. We have now had a total of THREE (3) patches for Showtime: 1.31, 1.32 and 1.33, and who is to say that this will be the end of this madness? I hope it is, but if you’re one of the people confused by all the talk centered around the patches, here’s some information and links to help you out.

Patch 1.31 – About a week before the Showtime release date, EA released patch 1.31, which was the major patch for the Showtime expansion, available to all players whether they buy Showtime or not. Patch 1.31 introduced the new social aspects of the Sims, including achievements (in the form of badges on, and in game chat. When Showtime was finally released and people could use simport, we quickly learned that custom content attached to sims was being sent to other games via simport. EA announced a fix and shortly thereafter, we received patch 1.32

Patch 1.32 – The most confusing patch ever, patch 1.32 was originally available in two forms: a small, incremental patch which updated from 1.31 to 1.32 and a big super patch that would update all games, at any patch level, to 1.32. If you installed the incremental patch, you didn’t really notice any game breaking problems, but installing the super patch caused some serious issues for players. The 1.32 super patch had a ton of extra data for the next Sims 3 Expansion Pack, which is currently unannounced. Some features, such as new jaw and ear sliders, and skintone sliders, were also included, and these wreaked havoc in peoples’ games. Once EA realized what was going on, they pulled the super patch. They weren’t quick enough, however. Even I got my hands on a 1.32 super patch, and I waited a day before downloading (I updated via the incremental patch but downloaded the super patch on the side.). This is why they have released patch 1.33.

Patch 1.33 – Patch 1.33 is available in two forms: the super patcher and an incremental patch which patches from 1.31 to 1.33. Whether this patch is stable, we don’t yet know.

Get more information about this patching chaos at ModTheSims:  Game Help: Issues with 1.3x Superpatcher

See also: Crinrict’s article about the 1.3x patch fiasco.

The Good News about this patch mess:

No XML/Tuning mods have been affected by this. Patches 1.33, 1.32, and 1.31 all have the same exact GameplayData.package. This means, if you have an XML Tuning mod that was updated for patch 1.31, you can safely use it for patch 1.33. Many script mods were also unaffected by these patches. Remember: always update core mods.

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