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About Patch 1.38

While I was spending another weekend away in France, EA dropped a patch on us. Of course, this patch is huge when it comes to mods. Many mods have been rendered broken and/or obsolete. I apologize for the delay in updating my mods — I had no idea there would be a patch and I was enjoying a nice get away with my darling husband. In any case, here’s the scoop on my mods:

  • All of my script mods are compatible with patch 1.38.
  • Most of my tuning mods have either been updated or were already compatible with the patch.
  • ALL of my The Cow Plant mods will require an update, and possibly require a re-work (for the tuning mods). EA has altered the Cow Plant tuning themselves and now advertise the Eat Cake interaction to Paparazzi and Tourists!

I’m still looking at stuff and going through the game files, so there may be more news to come. For now, I hope you’ll remain patient. The Cow Plant tuning mods are huge. Each flavor has several files and there a whole crap load of flavors. It will take time for me decide what to do with them. That said — using the tuning tweaks will not harm your game. The mods are actually compatible with patch.



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