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New Tutorials and posts: XML mods and ITUN resources and more

I’ve been on a roll recently writing tutorials of all kinds! Here are some links for you ūüôā

How to Make an XML Tuning Mod

  • This is tutorial is intended for beginniners, and during the tutorial we will actually make a mod: increasing the energy multiplier (faster slepeeping) on the FairyHouse. The tutorial also includes of a number useful Tips for beginners, such as opening a file as read only, using XML comments, and searching with S3PE and Notepad++

ITUN Modding Discussion and Explanation

  • Not a tutorial in the truest sense of the word, this thread explains the different fields in an ITUN resource, and how you can alter them to create the interaction tuning you want.

How to injection and interactions with a pure script mod

  • This tutorial is geared towards script modders who want to apply interactions to sims, objects or terrain without creating a new object. I don’t cover how to create an interaction, I only demonstrate how to get an interaction loaded into the game.

How to make an ITUN for a custom interaction

  • This is a really short how-to for people who need to create an ITUN for a custom interaction.

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Update to Breastfeeding Mod – Rocking Chair Interactions


New update for the Breastfeeding mod. Sims can now use the breastfeeding interaction on the rocking chair.

Download and more information available at Simlogical.

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Tips for Effective Use of the Sims 3 Launcher

This article is also available at Simlogical.

It’s no secret that the Sims 3 Launcher is clunky, annoying, slow and prone to error. It can difficult, if not impossible, to sort through content installed with the launcher, and many people refuse to use it because of this. However, there are few things you can do to tidy up your launcher and have an easier time locating content to uninstall it.

Keep your Downloads Folder Empty

When you install content through the Sims 3 Launcher, the package files are extracted from the .Sims3Pack and then merged into .ebc (store) and .dbc (cc) files in the DCCache (Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\DCCache  ). All of your installed content is located in the DCCache folder, and this is how the game reads the files and loads them so you can use the content. This means that your Downloads folder holds only two purposes: 1. It is where the launcher sees that there are new objects to install and 2. Already installed Sims3Packs are merely backups. This means that once you install a sims3pack, you can go to Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Downloads and remove the Sims3pack.

Backup Your Sims3Packs

After you install a Sims3Pack, go to Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Downloads to find your new backup. Move this backup somewhere else: An external hard drive, a USB Flash Drive, a CD/DVD, etc.  Keeping your downloads tab empty will speed up your Launcher and also allow you to install and uninstall objects and sets more easily.

Installing Multiple Sims3Packs

Did you know? You can install multiple Sims3Packs at the same time. To do this, first download all the sims3packs you want to install. Do not double click on any of them. Once you have downloaded all the content you want, move the Sims3Packs to¬†Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Downloads ¬†and then start your Sims 3 Launcher. Click on the Downloads tab, and all of your new Sims3Packs will be waiting for you to install them. Don’t forget to move the Sims3Pack out of the Downloads folder again!

I use this method to install all Sims3Packs. Occasionally the launcher does not want to start when you double click on a Sims3Pack, even if it’s from the store! This is exceedingly annoying, but if you move the Sims3Pack into the Downloads folder yourself, you never have to worry about this problem.

Uninstalling Sims3Packs Through the Launcher

If your Downloads folder is empty, and you keep a backup of your content, you can uninstall your Sims3Pack content very easily.  To do this:

1. Locate the backup Sims3Pack of the object/set you want to uninstall. If you don’t have a backup, you can try re-downloading the Sims3Pack. Keep in¬†mind¬†that in order for this method to work, you need to re-install the exact same object that you have installed. If the creator has changed the object since you last downloaded, this method might not work. Using a backup copy of the Sims3Pack is the best way to do this.

2. Move the backup of the objects/sets you want to uninstall to Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Downloads

3. Start the Launcher and go to the Downloads tab.

4. Re-install the object(s). I do recommend that you do this in small batches, if not one by one. It’s no problem to do this with a set from the Sims 3 Store.

5. Go to the “Installed” tab in the launcher. The objects/set will now be listed at the top.

6. Select the items you wish to uninstall and use the Uninstall button.

The set/object has now been completely uninstalled from your launcher. This is a great way to uninstall EA store sets, because you won’t need to go through trying to find the¬†set¬†or all the matching set items. I have used this method to uninstall many EA sets, including the Greenhouse (so I could install the fix).

I can’t take credit for this method of uninstalling objects. Somebody posted it quite a while ago at MATY. It does pay to lurk ūüôā

Want to know more about your Sims 3 Folder?

Sims 3 Folder Contents FAQ at NRaas Wiki

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Meditate by Candelight


This is a pure script mod that adds a “Meditate” interaction to all Mood Lite candles (Base Game).

Important Details:

  • This mod does not require any expansion packs, only The Sims 3 base game.
  • This mod was built with patch 1.42 and may not be compatible with any lower patch level.
  • Check for updates to this mod after major patches.


Download and More Information at Simlogical

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No Limos


This mod removes a number of limos that sims use when traveling around town. If you are having trouble with too many limos in your town, you can use this mod to drastically reduce the number of limos that sims are using.

The following limos are removed with this mod:

  • Limos for celebrities
  • Limos associated with the following careers are removed: Business, Criminal, Music, Showtime Performance Careers, Political
  • The .01% chance that an NPC will use a limo instead of a generated ownable car based on career level has been change to 0%.

This mod does not remove all limos (but it will remove most of them). The following limos are not removed by this mod:

  • Limos used to pick up sims for Prep school boarding school.
  • Prom Limos
  • Possibly some career limos that are in the Careers XML (Fortune Teller career and Film career). I am hesitant to alter this XML due to high chances of conflicts. If you ask me enough, I might do it anyhow.


Read More and Download at Simlogical


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Gift Pile Mods

Want to throw a gift giving party for your family without inviting over the neighbors? With my newest set of mods for the Gift Pile, you will be able to buy the Bunch o’ Gifts in the catalog, and even customize it a bit, so your active sims can share gifts with each other.


Buyable Bunch o’ Gifts

Makes the Gift Pile available in the catalog

Gift Pile Tweaks

More gifts, Add gifts interaction unlocked, and More Fun/Social gain while opening gifts


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Understanding Mod and CC Conflicts with Delphy’s Dashboard

I’ve posted a new article at Simlogical. The goal of the article is educate mod users about conflicts and false positives. Excerpt from the Introduction:

For most users, one of the most confusing aspects about mods and other custom content for the Sims 3 is understanding what a conflict is, and how it can adversely affect one’s game. There are few different ways mods and custom content can conflict with each other, and some ways are a little more difficult to understand for the average user. This article will attempt to explain different types of mod and other custom content conflicts, so that users are better able to understand how these conflicts can affect their game.

Read the whole article at Simlogical:¬†Understanding Mod and CC Conflicts with Delphy’s Dashboard

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