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Quantum Power Pack Issues

Many people are experiencing issues with the Quantum Power Pack. The following information should be helpful in getting the most out of your Limited Edition content.

1. The most common reason that the Quantum Power Pack does not work is the ccmerged. In order for your sim to be able to transform into the power suit, the sim must get a moodlet from Quantum Power Pack. The moodlet triggers the transformation, so without it, the pack will not work. Repair your ccmerged or download a complete one.

2. On the same note, outdated mods that alter Premium Content moodlets will cause this issue, such as my Spell book tweaks mod (this mod has been updated). Update any premium content moodlet mods, or remove them, to ensure that the Quantum Power Pack will work.

3. If the Launcher did not properly install the Quantum Power Pack, you might experience issues. Try re-installing the pack a few times to get it working correctly. Note that the number one issue with the Quantum Power Pack is the ccmerged/outdated moodlet mods, so I recommend trying the first suggestion before re-installing.

4. Finally, if you have de-crapped your Quantum Power Pack (or installed a pirated version of it), it will not work. Instead, run your untouched sims3pack through s3rc and then install the pack as package files. Make sure you have the correct ccmerged. I recommend installing only the accessories/power suits as package files (i.e. install the decrapped sims3pack and then add only the packages for the accessories and power suits to your game. Don’t add the package for the stasis chamber).

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Super Hampers — Automatic Laundry Pick Up (Plus Bigger Hampers)


Tired of your sims leaving their clothes all over the house? Is your click finger numb from dragging those 800 clothes piles to the hamper every sim hour (how do they have so many clothes that all look the same)? If so, prepare to rejoice. My new Super Hamper series will automagically collect all of your sims laundry without any effort on your part.

Important Details:

  • This mod is base game compatible.
    • The Super Hamper Script is base game compatible, but the hampers cloned from Ambitions, TLS and UL will require their respective EP/SP in order to be used.
    • If you want to use a CC hamper with this mod you can either provide me a link to the CC hamper, so I can make an override for you, or you can make one yourself.
  • This mod was built with patch 1.63. May work with earlier patch levels but I am unable to verify this.
  • This is not a default replacement.

Download and more information available at Simlogical.

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Windows 8.1 and CC Magic

If you update to Windows 8.1 and start having trouble with your CC Magic launching, re-install your graphics drivers.

After Installing Windows 8.1, my graphics driver decided to turn on Stereoscopic 3D as default. For some reason, I didn’t think much of this and just turned off the setting and my games looked normal and everything was fine. Then I tried to launch CC Magic, and that’s where fine ended. CC Magic would start launching, but immediately shut down. I never saw the window or anything. I tried all kinds of voodoo, like uninstalling and re-installing the C++ redistributables, adding CCM to my anti-virus, seeing if a DEP exception would help. Nothing worked.

Anyhow, after going through the logs generated by CCM, and combing through a bunch of different logs posted on the CCM forums, I noticed my log looked incomplete. Something was shutting down the program before it could finish launching. So finally I went to the event information viewer in Admin Tools, and found that d3d9.dll was listed as an issue with CCM. That’s the DirectX driver. So, I uninstalled my Nvidia drivers and CCM launched fine. Then I reinstalled the drivers and CCM is still doing fine.

While I was trying to find out what Windows 8.1 could have done to my computer, I found many articles where people were having issues with drivers after updating to 8.1. It seems that many drivers have some compatibility issues with 8.1, including some mouse/keyboard drivers. So if you update to 8.1, be ready to re-install your graphics drivers, at the very least.

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Patch 1.63

Patch 1.63 is a major patch, and many tuning mods will require an update.

The good news is: All of my script mods are compatible with patch 1.63.

The following tuning mods will require an update:

  • Buyable Culinary Career Rewards: MinusOne Kelvin Fridge – Updated
  • No Limos, NoLimos Careers Plus – Updated
  • No Unfinished Room Moodlet – Updated
  • No Celebrity Level requirements for Film (Acting/Director) Career – Updated
  • No Autonomous Wishing Well interactions – Updated
  • No or Less Autonomous Ice Cream Maker and Deep Fryer – Updated
  • No/Less Autonomous Teppanyaki Grill – Updated
  • No Autonomous Exit Box Stall, slower motive decay – Updated
  • Improved Beloved Pet, and other Animal-Related Traits – Updated
  • No/Slower Social and Exercise Decay for Pets – Updated
  • More Seasons Interactions for Pregnant Sims – Updated
  • No Autonomous Eat Poisoned Apple – Updated
  • No Academic Performance Decay – Updated

My MTS mods that need an update:

  • More or Less Gigs for Bands and Music Opportunities for your Sims (Late Night) –  – Updated. Only Nona_gigsandmusicopps flavor required an update.
  • Cow Plant Tweaks, with multiple flavors – Updated. The changes here are minimal, and the mods are safe to use with 1.63, you will just be missing some restrictions with plumbots.

Any mod not on this list does not require an update for 1.63, and is safe to use with the patch.

For more information about patch 1.63, and to get a list of all altered XMLs in the patch, please see my ABOUT PATCH 1.63 post at Simlogical.

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Simlogical Forums are back!

Inge and Peter got their landline fixed, so the forums are up and running again. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Simlogical Sims 3 Forums

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Simlogical Forums Down Until Wednesday

Peter and Inge are currently experience issues with their landline, which has caused them to have no internet. An engineer won’t be able to fix the problem until Wednesday, so the forums will be down during this time. is still up and running, and from there you can access the downloads index. You’ll be able to view most of the downloads available on Simlogical forums.

Helpful links:

You can also find mirrors of my mods on my box account.


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Don’t Put the Baby Down (Changing Table Mod)


This mod replaces the Give Bath and Change Clothes interactions on the Dirty No More Changing and Bathing Station with versions of the interactions that do not put the baby on the floor when the interaction is finished.  After using the Give Bath or Change Clothes interactions, your sim will continue holding the baby or toddler and will not place the baby/toddler on the floor.

NoteYou MUST have the Dirty No More Changing and Bathing Station from the Sims 3 Store in order for this mod to work. It will NOT add the item to your game. 


  • Again, this requires the Dirty No More Changing and Bathing Station Premium Content Item from the Sims 3 Store to be installed in your game, or it will do absolutely nothing.
  • No other Expansion or Stuff Packs are required for this mod, ONLY the store item.
  • Built with patch 1.57, but will likely work for any patch level that can run the Changing Station.


  • This is a pure script mod, and the chance of a conflict is slim to none. The only possibility of conflict would be with another script mod that replaces the interactions on the changing table.
  • This mod will not conflict with any tuning (XML or ITUN) mod. You can use any changing table tuning mod alongside this mod, including autonomy mods.
  • This mod has no known conflicts.


  • Place in your Mods\Packages folder.

Download Now Available at Simlogical

This mod will be available on Simlogical once Simlogical is back up and running.

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