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Windows 8.1 and CC Magic

If you update to Windows 8.1 and start having trouble with your CC Magic launching, re-install your graphics drivers.

After Installing Windows 8.1, my graphics driver decided to turn on Stereoscopic 3D as default. For some reason, I didn’t think much of this and just turned off the setting and my games looked normal and everything was fine. Then I tried to launch CC Magic, and that’s where fine ended. CC Magic would start launching, but immediately shut down. I never saw the window or anything. I tried all kinds of voodoo, like uninstalling and re-installing the C++ redistributables, adding CCM to my anti-virus, seeing if a DEP exception would help. Nothing worked.

Anyhow, after going through the logs generated by CCM, and combing through a bunch of different logs posted on the CCM forums, I noticed my log looked incomplete. Something was shutting down the program before it could finish launching. So finally I went to the event information viewer in Admin Tools, and found that d3d9.dll was listed as an issue with CCM. That’s the DirectX driver. So, I uninstalled my Nvidia drivers and CCM launched fine. Then I reinstalled the drivers and CCM is still doing fine.

While I was trying to find out what Windows 8.1 could have done to my computer, I found many articles where people were having issues with drivers after updating to 8.1. It seems that many drivers have some compatibility issues with 8.1, including some mouse/keyboard drivers. So if you update to 8.1, be ready to re-install your graphics drivers, at the very least.


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