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Super Hampers — Automatic Laundry Pick Up (Plus Bigger Hampers)


Tired of your sims leaving their clothes all over the house? Is your click finger numb from dragging those 800 clothes piles to the hamper every sim hour (how do they have so many clothes that all look the same)? If so, prepare to rejoice. My new Super Hamper series will automagically collect all of your sims laundry without any effort on your part.

Important Details:

  • This mod is base game compatible.
    • The Super Hamper Script is base game compatible, but the hampers cloned from Ambitions, TLS and UL will require their respective EP/SP in order to be used.
    • If you want to use a CC hamper with this mod you can either provide me a link to the CC hamper, so I can make an override for you, or you can make one yourself.
  • This mod was built with patch 1.63. May work with earlier patch levels but I am unable to verify this.
  • This is not a default replacement.

Download and more information available at Simlogical.


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  1. Reblogged this on Insanee Pandaa.

    Comment by Insanee Pandaa | October 26, 2013 | Reply

  2. Hi Nona. DeeSim here 🙂
    I’d like to ask you a question about changing the script class in a custom hamper to work with your SuperHamper mod.

    Once I’ve done the custom hampers can they play nicely alongside the original hampers in the game without causing any conflict?
    I want some sims to have a SuperHamper and others not to, so I was hoping not to have to delete the original hampers that work the EA way.

    Thank you ever so! 🙂

    Comment by Desiree Simpson | November 30, 2013 | Reply

    • Hiya, Dee 🙂 If you’re just going to make an override, the only way that you can keep the original EA hamper is if you first place the hampers without the override in the game. Save the game, exit and then put the override in. Then you can buy a new hamper and it will work super hamper style, and the already placed hampers will retain their original script class.

      Of course, this means you can’t add a normal EA hamper in the middle of your game without doing some annoying adding and removing of mods. If you want to have both the EA style of hamper and the Super Hamper always available, use S3OC to make a clone of the hamper, and then edit the scriptclass of the cloned OBJK.

      The hampers will work fine side by side, but if your sim changes next to a normal hamper, chances are that the clothes will end up in the normal hamper and your sim will have to pick up the clothes when they do laundry. I’m sure you already thought of that but I wanted to point it out anyhow.

      Comment by Nona | November 30, 2013 | Reply

  3. Oh my goodness! CLONE the objects! Of course, how could I have missed that obvious piece of information?? lol
    I thought just duplicating the items (basically, copying and pasting the things) and then editing the copied objects was sufficient!
    Yes, this is the way I wanted it done. Thank you, Nona! And I figured that the sims would still use the normal hampers if I had them both in the same household, so I only have the SuperHampers in a few selected houses.
    Thanks again! 🙂

    Comment by Desiree Simpson | November 30, 2013 | Reply

  4. Hi Nona!
    I love this mod, it’s super useful. Thanks for making it!
    I wonder if you can make an override for this store hamper?
    It’s my favorite hamper and I would really like it to have the super abilities 🙂
    Have a great weekend!


    Comment by Ina | May 14, 2016 | Reply

  5. Ack! The link says this: “File not found (404 error)
    If you think what you’re looking for should be here, please contact the site owner.”


    Comment by Meg Dean | April 25, 2017 | Reply

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