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Build and Save Crash: Crash to Desktop when adding another floor to lot

Problem: The game crashes to desktop while saving after adding another floor to the lot.

Cause: This issue is related to the Sims 3 Seasons Expansion Pack, though it is unclear what exactly causes the problem. It seems that the lot somehow becomes corrupt after changes in weather/seasons, and this causes the crash.

Solution: There are at least 4 possible solutions, but nothing that seems to work for everyone. Crinrict has highlighted three of them (suggested by others) in her post at the official forums: Crashing on Saving – An Analysis

The fourth solution is by another user, 8NiSci8:


I recently came across this problem in my game, and tried all three solutions provided in Crashing on Saving – An Analysis, however, it was the fourth, by 8NiSci8, that helped me.  It is possible that there are several different ways the lot can become corrupt, so while Solution A works for Simmer X, Simmer Y may need to use some other solution. I was actually able to cut 8NiSci8’s solution down a few steps by skipping steps 5 and 6.

Many thanks to Crin for organizing the thread at the official forums (and the EA forums!), and also to everyone who shared their possible solutions.

Update: Another solution that worked for me was going to edit town and using the Move Lot tool (hand icon) to move the entire lot to another lot. I wanted to move my lot anyhow so this was a better solution for me.

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