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No Limos


This mod removes a number of limos that sims use when traveling around town. If you are having trouble with too many limos in your town, you can use this mod to drastically reduce the number of limos that sims are using.

The following limos are removed with this mod:

  • Limos for celebrities
  • Limos associated with the following careers are removed: Business, Criminal, Music, Showtime Performance Careers, Political
  • The .01% chance that an NPC will use a limo instead of a generated ownable car based on career level has been change to 0%.

This mod does not remove all limos (but it will remove most of them). The following limos are not removed by this mod:

  • Limos used to pick up sims for Prep school boarding school.
  • Prom Limos
  • Possibly some career limos that are in the Careers XML (Fortune Teller career and Film career). I am hesitant to alter this XML due to high chances of conflicts. If you ask me enough, I might do it anyhow.


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