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New Mod Index: Nona’s Wiki!

Do you remember my Things to do list? No? Well, don’t worry, neither did I!

In any case, I have finally found the motivation to move my Mod Index over to a wiki, and I have to say, it’s a vast improvement to the old Mod Index page (which has been destroyed, forever!). I have also created a Recent Updates page, so you can even get notifications when I update a mod.

Check it out at when you have the time: Nona’s Wiki at Wikispaces

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Premium Content: Missing Accessories

The second most common problem when dealing with Premium Content from  the Sims 3 Store is missing accessories. Accessories are special objects that your sim uses to complete animations. Premium content that uses special animations with new objects require accessories for your sims to be fully animated. Here are some examples of accessories for premium content:

  • Ladle (spoon) for the Magic Cauldron
  • Needles for the voodoo doll
  • All food and prepping tools for the Deep Fryer/Ice Cream Maker/Teppanyaki Grill/Wood Oven/Chocolate Fountain
  • Chicken feed and Charles the Evil Chicken also baby chicks (Chicken Coop)
  • Cards and poker chips for the Poker Table/Roulette Table
  • Coin from the Wishing Well
  • Megaphone and Magnifying Glass from the Garden Station
  • Ball for the basketball hoop
  • Lemon and Purple Eggplant objects (harvestables)
  • Hot stones and needles for massage table
  • Powder bottle for Changing table
  • Binoculars and champagne glass for Hot Air Balloon
  • Ticket for the ticket machine
  • Fruit from the Tree of Prosperity
  • Sunlight from the Plants vs. Zombies Sunflower
  • Bow from the Violin
  • Arrows from the Archery range
  • Baby Dragon that hatches from egg from Dragon Valley
  • Fully repaired car from the fixer upper car from Roaring Heights

Why are Accessories Important?

Without their matching accessories, some premium content may not work properly at all. Other times, the animations might just look silly. For example, the magic cauldron works fine when the ladle is missing, but the sim looks silly stirring without a spoon. On the other hand, if the sunlight from the Sunflower is missing, your sim will not be able to use the object at all. Additionally, sometimes a missing accessory will cause a large white box to appear at the object, with the text “Missing Object…” which will look rather ugly in game. This can happen with the blackjack, poker and roulette table, as well as several other objects.

Why Do Accessories Go Missing?

There are two causes for missing accessories:

  1. The Launcher did not properly install the accessory (this is a very common problem).
  2. The Sims3pack has been decrapified (which could mean an illegal download).

It is very common for the launcher not to properly install accessories when installing sims3packs. I do not know why this is, but it has been an issue since the very first premium content objects that used accessories in their animations (More Magic! set/Magic Cauldron/Voodoo Doll). When the Magic Cauldron was first released, the official forums was flooded with complaints from people who could not see their ladle when using the Magic Cauldron. Although most people seemed to have a working ladle, there were many people who did not.

How To Fix Missing Accessories

Luckily, fixing missing accessories is really easy. To fix missing accessories:

Simply reinstall the sims3pack until the accessory shows up.

Yep. It’s that easy. You don’t need to uninstall first. In fact, I don’t recommend that at all. Just re-install the sims3pack several times in a row. It could take 3 or more tries to get your accessory to show up, but this is the best  (and least painful) way to do it.  If you want more specific instructions, try re-installing 2 or 3 times and then start your game and test the object.

If you’ve decrapified your sims3pack, you will need to find a fix so that the object will show up properly in your game. Keep in mind that, even when using a fix, your Launcher still might not properly install the accessory. You may need to re-install the sims3pack until the accessory is installed and make sure that your fix is updated.

Related Reading:

DCBackup, ccmerged.package and Your Premium Content Items

PS This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a long time, I just didn’t have the time. Sorry for the delay!

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About Patch 1.50

Many changes in patch 1.50. Please see the following post at Simlogical for more information:


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Upcoming patch & University Life

There’s a lot coming up! If EA sticks to the recent schedule they’ve been keeping, we should be expecting the University Life patch pretty soon.  At that point, I will be updating my mods and making them compatible with University Life. I don’t expect most of them to require an update, but there are a handful which always do.

On March 12, a week after University Life release, Blizzard will release StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm. I am very much looking forward to this, and have even been playing the beta. So I will probably be busy with Heart of the Swarm for at least a few weeks.

If you have any requests for flavors or tweaks to any of my existing mods, now is the time to let me know (preferably by posting in the download thread of the mod at Simlogical), as it will be convenient for me to get all the updates and requests done at the same time.

Please remember that I always make a list of the changes in the patch, and a list of mods that are incompatible and must be removed. Check for the list at Simlogical before you run the game with any of my mods.

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Patch 1.47

All of my mods are compatible with patch 1.47. You do not need to re-download them.

More information about Patch 1.47.

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New Mods!

I have a number of new mods out so I’ll just list them up.

Extra Credit Homework – If your sim’s kids are stuck bored at home all day due to snow days, sick days, or even holidays, give them something productive to do! With this mod, your sim kids can make up on missed school time by doing extra credit homework when they’re not in school. This mod adds a “Do Extra Credit Homework” interaction to all computers (including laptops) and MultiTabs in your game.

Store Dried Food – This mod adds a set of interactions to all treasure chests that will allow you to easily move custom edible food (dried food) to and from chests.

No Unfinished Room moodlet – This mod effectively removes the unfinished room moodlet. Under EA tuning, if a room has 0.2% missing wall or floor covering, the sim will have the unfinished room moodlet. With this mod, the room must have 99% missing wall or floor covering for the sim to receive the moodlet.

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Understanding Mod and CC Conflicts with Delphy’s Dashboard

I’ve posted a new article at Simlogical. The goal of the article is educate mod users about conflicts and false positives. Excerpt from the Introduction:

For most users, one of the most confusing aspects about mods and other custom content for the Sims 3 is understanding what a conflict is, and how it can adversely affect one’s game. There are few different ways mods and custom content can conflict with each other, and some ways are a little more difficult to understand for the average user. This article will attempt to explain different types of mod and other custom content conflicts, so that users are better able to understand how these conflicts can affect their game.

Read the whole article at Simlogical: Understanding Mod and CC Conflicts with Delphy’s Dashboard

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Custom Edible Food: Six Raw Meats

Are your Werewolves tired of hunting so much? Do your Vampires need a change from Plasma Juice, Plasma Juice, More Plasma Juice, and the occasional Plasma Fruit? Give your supernaturals (or even your particularly blood thirsty mortals) a change of pace with these nutritious raw meats.

Note: You must have my Custom Food Script Mod for these foods to function at all. You will not be able to use these foods without my mod.

More Information and Download at Simlogical

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A few Mod Updates and Summer Time

First, thank you to all of you who wished me well after I injured my back! I’m finally feeling 100% better, though I am still avoiding heavy lifting for now. I’m just glad to be back to my normal self 🙂

So, it’s summer time and, at least on my end, modding has been a bit slow. However, in the last week or so, I have pushed out 4 updates to my script mods. If you’re using any of the following mods, I recommend you get the new updates.

If you use any of these mods, check out the updates! Production on my end might remain slow for a little while, as I’m enjoying the summer a little bit and just looking forward to Supernaturals (and the next WoW Expansion!). Still, please don’t forget to report any problems you experience with one of my mods.

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Tutorial: Getting Started with CC Magic

Scope of this Tutorial:

This tutorial will teach you how to set up CC Magic for the first time. I will not focus in-depth on downloading and installing CC Magic . It’s up to you to know how to do that (or ask in the comments, or on my simblr).

Intended Audience:

If you’ve never set up CC Magic before, and you’re nervous about using it for the first time, this tutorial should be a great help. This tutorial should also be of interest to people who have tried to use CC Magic in the past, but were frustrated with process, or for people (like me) who panicked when they used CC Magic for the first time. If you’re not sure about using CC Magic, check out my recommendation: Recommendation: CCMagic (it’s true, I’m a Late Adopter).

I highly recommend CC Magic to anyone who has a significant amount of CC in their game. It will make organizing your CC a breeze, and will significantly reduce the amount of time you spend organizing it yourself.

To complete this Tutorial, you will need:

Before You Begin:

  1. Create a Copy of your Entire “The Sims 3” Folder in Documents\ElectronicArts\. If you have a lot of stuff, this may take a long time. However, backing up your entire “The Sims 3” folder will ensure that you can very easily return to pre-CC Magic installation should something go wrong.
    • You can put this copy on your desktop temporarily, to make the process a bit easier.
    • Another easy way to make a backup of the entire Sims 3 folder is to select the folder, right-click and use Send to… Compressed (zipped) folder.
    • If you would rather not back up your entire The Sims 3 Folder, simply make a back up of your Mods folder.
    • Although it is not necessary, if you want to be very safe, you can also back up your Downloads folder (in addition to the Mods folder).
    • Backing up the entire Sims 3 folder is overkill, but it is the ultimate peace of mind for people who are unsure about CC Magic.
  2. Once you have backed up your The Sims 3 folder in Documents\Electronic Arts, go to Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 and select the Downloads folder. Right-click the folder and select Cut (or use ctrl+x). 
  3. Go to your Desktop and right click where you want to paste your Downloads folder and choose “Paste.”
One more thing to consider before starting: Do you want to start over entirely, and install all of your sims3packs as package files? If so, after you make a back up of your The Sims 3 folder, either re-name the original (for example, re-name it to The Sims 3.old) OR simply delete it entirely(Remember: you made a back up). Then start your launcher so it will regenerate missing files/folders. Tip: You can keep your in-game settings (such as graphics and life-span) by placing a copy of the Options.ini file (found in your old The Sims 3 folder) in the new The Sims 3 folder. You may also want to move the contents of your Library, SavedSims, and Saves back to the new folder.

Why did I do this?
One of the most common complaints I’ve seen about installing CC Magic is that it has re-installed objects that people have un-installed from their game. By removing the Downloads folder before you install CC Magic, you will prevent CC Magic from being able to install anything in the downloads folder. Although this is not strictly necessary, it will give you some added security that CC Magic won’t install anything right away.
Do I have to move my Mods folder?
No, keep your mods folder where it is. CC Magic will not alter it in any way.
Continue reading

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