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About Patch 1.42

The best place to find out about my mods when a new patch hits is at Simlogical: Nona’s Stuff. I always make a couple of threads there which details the process as I go through my mods and updated them, and also lists the general compatibility of my mods.

If you visited the forums at Simlogica, then you probably already know that all of my script mods were compatible with patch 1.42. There were five tuning mods that required an update (the usual suspects and the ice cream maker mod):

  • [Pets] Better Beloved Pet Updated
  • [PC] Less/No Autonomous Ice Cream Maker Updated
  • [LN] No Celeb Requirement for Film Career Updated
  • [Pets] No/Slower Social and Exercise Decay for Pets Updated
  • [Pets] Horse mod: No Autonomous Exit Box Stall, slower motive decay Updated

Although my Custom Food Script mod was compatible with 1.42, I did update it to include a new moodlet and class: NonaDriedFoodCookie. I also updated the OBJK overrides for that mod:

Script for Customs Foods

OBJK Overrides for Custom Food

Also, there’s new custom food Available at ATS3 and form OBP: ATS3 Chocolatier, OBP Edible Halloween Cookies

Because OBP is using Ad.Fly, you might have trouble getting to her blog from mine. Sorry about that, but that’s word press. They don’t like Ad.Fly.


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  1. Hello again. It doesn’t appear the site registered my earlier comment. 😦

    So I’m reposting the pics or kativip’s blogsite here. The breakfast foods, gluttony and La Gusto sets are some of the best CC food I’ve seen. Also would it be possible to make the raw produce in the fresh meat set edible by pets/werewolves & other occults sims?

    Breakfast/brunch/lunch foods

    Unique food set — this is the only set for raw meat/produce I’ve seen on web so far

    Lunch & Dinner

    Soups/Appetizers & Desert

    Some deli/farmers market style fruit/veggies — is it possible to use these meshes as food in future recipies?

    More bread/bakery foods

    Comment by BringonSeasons! | November 11, 2012 | Reply

  2. Thanks for the comment :)Your post needed to be approved first, possibly because you had some many links it. That’s why it didn’t go through.

    Anyhow, About the food, I will look into them. Generally, the only foods I find that really do well as custom edible food are ATS3’s and OBPs, as they are created with the idea that sims will be eating them in their hand. Many of these foods you have linked may not really do well (animation wise) as custom edible food. For example, a bowl of soup would look really ridiculous. The sims would not sit down and use a spoon to eat, but would take big bites out of the bowl. If the foods are not separate from the trays they are on, then it is not really possible to turn them into a custom edible food. The sims would just eat the entire tray of food in one go and it would look really bad. Same with baskets full of fruits or veggies.

    To create entirely new recipes with new meshes is something beyond what I do with this mod. It is entirely possible via script modding, but since I don’t mesh, it is not something I’ve done.

    I’ll have to look into werewolves/occults eating raw meat. It should be doable. I don’t know about pets though, as that is a different interaction entirely.

    Comment by Nona | November 11, 2012 | Reply

  3. I checked out the Meat collection because it was the most interesting for me. These are Sims 2 objects. I cannot use them for Sims 3. In fact, all of the object you’ve linked are sims 2 objects. Sorry, they are not usable for SIms 3 unless somebody converts.

    Now, I have seen some similar objects for sims 3 from other creators, so I may look into the meat thing, as that really piques my interest.

    Comment by Nona | November 11, 2012 | Reply

  4. Oh no! 😦 I could’ve sworn the meat collection was a converted TS2 mesh to TS3. Those graphics looked so darn convincing. 😦
    As for the other foods, my apologies for the brainfart. I didn’t really think the animations through :\ It’s because I’ve got the attention span of a gnat. I think I zoomed into those pizzas and then my immagination ran away with what animations were necessary to make them work. lol!

    Thank you for taking the time to check the links out however. 🙂

    ps: you’re my fav modder (2nd only to the Almighty Twallan that is!) Your attention to detail is absolutely amazing. It’s made TS3 actually more enjoyable to play (especially since I’m a die hard TS2 fan until the last few store worlds and Seasons/Uni).

    Thank you again for everything you’ve done for the simming community! 😀 <3333

    Comment by BringonSeasons! | November 12, 2012 | Reply

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