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Help! I installed a world from the Sims 3 Store but it’s not in game.

Help! I purchased and installed [Monte Vista, Riverview, Barnacle Bay, Hidden Springs, Lucky Palms, Lunar Lakes, Sunlit Tides, Dragon Valley] from the Sims 3 Store, but when I start the game, the world isn’t in the world menu.

This is, unfortunately, not an uncommon problem. In fact, I experienced this exact issue myself about 2 years ago, when I purchased Barnacle Bay (has it really been that long?). Here are some things you can try to fix the issue. Try them out in the order suggested, as the last suggestion is somewhat drastic and will require you to re-install all of your store items.

Before you begin

First make sure your game is updated to patch 1.50. Then, back up your content.

1. Go to Documents\Electronic Arts

2. Select The Sims 3 folder and right-click. Choose Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder

This is a back up of your content. If something goes wrong, you can delete your current Sims 3 folder and unzip the zipped folder to start over.

Option 1: Using the Downloads Dashboard in the Sims 3

This is a popular solution that many people use successfully. It also requires the least fiddling with folders and files, so if it works for you, it’s quick and painless.

1. Start your Sims 3 game.
2. At the Main Menu, click on … button to get to the options menu.
3. Select “Open Downloads Dashboard.” You may need to log in if you are not normally logged in.
4. Find the world in the Downloads Dashboard and install it that way.

If the world shows as already installed in the downloads dashboard, close the game, uninstall the world via the Launcher, and then start from Step 1 again. If this doesn’t help, you can try the rest of the options.

Option 2: Cleaning out the DCBackup

1. Uninstall the world if it’s currently installed (try this if you have trouble uninstalling: Tips for Effective Use of the Sims 3 Launcher).
2. Delete everything in your DCBackup, even the ccmerged.
3. Re-download and install the world.
4. Go to the DCBackup and delete the ccmerged.package.
5. Download the ccmerged.package from here: DCBackup, ccmerged.package and Your Premium Content Item
6. Unzip this ccmerged.package to your DCBackup.
7. Start your game and see if your world is installed.

This should: 1. Install the world you’re having trouble with and 2. Fix any issues you have with any premium content in your game (including premium content included with the world)

If this doesn’t work, go to Option 3.

Option 3: Getting the .world file yourself

Most people have success with this option, so it is highly recommended. Note: This option assumes you currently have the world installed (though you can’t see it in the world list. The rest of the objects should be in build/buy mode). If you do not, install the Sims3pack for the world through the launcher.

1. Go to Documents\Electronic Arts and re-name your The Sims 3 folder to The Sims 3.old
2. Start The Sims 3 Launcher.
3. Re-download the trouble world.
4. Install the world.

    • 4a. Optional Step: Start your game and confirm that the world is installed and in the menu. Then exit the game.

5. Close the Launcher.
6. Go to Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\InstalledWorlds and find the .world file for the world you installed.
7. Move this file to your desktop.
8. Go to Documents\Electronic Arts and delete The Sims 3 folder.
9. Re-name The Sims 3.old folder to The Sims 3
10. Go to the InstalledWorlds folder in The Sims 3 folder and move the .world file you placed on your desktop to the InstalledWorlds folder.
11. Start your game and see if the world is in the menu.
12. If it is, start a new game and make sure all new objects associated with the world are present. If they are not, simply re-install the sims3pack.

Option 4: Absolute Last Resort

If none of these options have worked for you, and you’re out of ideas and suggestions, the only other option left is to start a brand new Sims 3 folder and re-install all of your store content. Again, this is an absolute last resort. To do this:

1. Go Documents\Electronic Arts and re-name The Sims 3 folder to The Sims 3.old
2. Start your Sims 3 Launcher.
3. Install the world and launch the game to make sure the world is properly installed.
4. If it is installed, re-install all of your content.
5. You can move your Mods, Library, SavedSims, and Collections folders back into the new folder to get some of your content back easily.
6. You can also move the following files back into the new The Sims 3 folder (from the old one): Options.ini (stores game options such as life span sliders, weather, etc.), userPresets.package (contains CAST saves).

Learn more about the folders and files in the The Sims 3 folder at the NRaas Wiki.

About 2 years ago, I had this exact problem with my own Barnacle Bay, and it was very frustrating. The way I solved the issue back then was with Option 4. But back then, I didn’t know enough to try out Option 2 and Option 3 first. Hopefully you won’t need Option 4.


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  1. Nona,
    I have a problem, and I have tried each of these methods, and none seem to work. I got the Monte Vista package for the Sims3 the other day. While attempting to install it, my computer froze. I waited about 10 minutes before forcefully restarting it, as it was not going anywhere in the installation. I run a PC.
    When I turned my PC back on, it addressed there was a “Disc Read Error” and I had to do Ctrl + Alt + Insert to continue or something. And then I started Windows normally.
    It seemed nothing bad went wrong, and the installation went normally. I started the launcher and viewed my downloads and content, and everything in the Monte Vista package was there. However, when I started up the game, the Monte Vista world had no description when I went to start a game there to check on things. The world itself was there, however. But when I went into Create-A-Sim, none of the new hairstyles or clothing existed.

    Here is another thing: When I went to Uninstall Programs through the Control Panel on my PC, Monte Vista did not exist in my Programs, while all of my other expansions and packs do.
    When I attempted to locate the folders, I deleted them, hoping that would do something, then reinstall the content, which worked, but again, nothing showed up in the game.
    I attempted to delete and uninstall the content on Monte Vista through the Sims3 launcher, but it said none of the items can be deleted with an independent.

    I have tried each of your listed methods, I have asked on multiple websites about the problem, but the main one lead me to you.
    Here is what I have tried other than your methods:

    – Restarting the computer an additional time.
    – Running without Custom Content, then turning it back on after restarting the game.
    – Deleting the folders and reinstalling the package, to no avail.

    Comment by Abby | January 25, 2013 | Reply

    • Hi, Abby. You won’t see Monte Vista in your Control Panel because it is just custom content from EA. It’s not an expansion or stuff pack, but just store content the same way Lunar Lakes, or the Lullabies Nursers Set, etc., are store content.

      Now, I am confused by this sentence “When I attempted to locate the folders, I deleted them, hoping that would do something,” What exactly did you delete?

      You say you’ve done all the options in this list, but did you try Option 4? What I would do is try Option 4 and just see if the content installs at all. If it doesn’t install, try re-downloading MV and then try Option 4 again (using another fresh Sims 3 folder).

      If MV did install successfully using Option 4, you have two options: 1. Try to uninstall MV in your The Sims 3.old folder (rename to The Sims 3) using this method here: (see: Uninstalling Sims3Packs Through the Launcher.). If you can get MV to uninstalll, then try re-installing after wards. If that doesn’t work the only other option I see is 2. Re-install all your Sims 3 Store content.

      I hope this helps. Please post back and let me know how it goes.

      Comment by Nona | January 25, 2013 | Reply

      • I located the MV package, world, and content files and deleted them to the recycle bin, then reinstalled MV because my mother explained it was almost a type of uninstall for the computer.

        I did try to uninstall MV from the launcher, and it said it worked successfully, but every time I reinstall it it states that the content is already in existence.

        So will the MV content show when I enter the game itself after creating/importing a Sim? I selected the MV world and it came with no description of it, which I found a bit suspicious.

        Comment by Abby | January 25, 2013 | Reply

      • Ohhhhh. All right I see now. I got it to work, thank you. 🙂

        Comment by Abby | January 25, 2013 | Reply

      • So glad it’s working now!

        Comment by Nona | January 25, 2013 | Reply

  2. Hi Nona,

    I’am also busy to translate this tutorial for my site (I will give you a link when ready). But I do have a few questions and I don’t want to assume anything.

    Before you begin:
    You write about 1.47. As you know there is now 1.48. In the translation I want to write: “make sure you’re game is up to date to at least 1.47”. So I don’t have to change the tutorial every time there is a new update. Is that the right way? Or is there some special meaning to 1.47. I think you just mean to make sure the game is up to date but as I said before, I don’t want to assume.

    Option 2.5: you write that players can download you’re Can players, at this point, also re-create their own ccmerged.package instead of using you’re download as described in the other tutorial? I’am not sure about this because with step 4 you say to delete this file and if players have installed a world with premium content, the would have already re-created their own ccmerged.package.

    Option 4.6. “userPresets.package (contains CAST saves)”. Is this a typo. Do you mean CAS? If not, what is CAST?

    Thank you.

    Comment by Libby | February 1, 2013 | Reply

  3. I have been following Option 3 in order to get Monte Vista to work for me, however I have encountered the problem that none of the world items have been installed. I’m not sure what you mean by “simply reinstall the sims3pack” in step #12, do you mind elaborating on how I might do this?

    Comment by Tiffany | February 10, 2013 | Reply

    • Hi, sorry you’re having trouble. In the Sims 3 Folder where the world is showing up, but not the items, move the Monte Vista sims3pack into the downloads folder. Start the Launcher and go to the Downloads tab. There you can select the Monte Vista sims3pack and re-install it. It should install any missing objects.

      Hope this helps!

      Comment by Nona | February 11, 2013 | Reply

  4. Hi Nona, As usual my problem is one not exactly stated:( I am completely updated. My issue is with Aurora Skies. My first download when I purchased (Gold), I got the Tiny Tots Learning Center, in A.World, but it was not available in library, and the playpen and walker were not in the center. I don’t remember if I installed them separately, then, but some point I did, because they were not showing up in Kids stuff. I did remodel the Center, and saved to library, but it had routing issues so I deleted it (my save) from library. I later installed University. I’ve been using a Clean version of Sunset Valley to test some lots, and get rid of my overburdened Installed Lots files. When I got to point of using the Learning Ctr again, it was gone. Still showing as installed in launcher. So I uninstalled the world, and reinstalled. Still no Learninc Ctr. I then cleaned out the DBCCache, ebc files, deleted the world, and uninstalled a few items that remained in the Launcher (The world was in launcher 4 times, maybe more). Also deleted the other cached and backups as reccommended. I then redownloaded and installed all store content. Now there is no Learning Ctr in Aur. Skies, nor in Library, though it shows as installed. It didn’t show up as a separate Sims 3 pack, I believe its in one of the AS World copies. There are two showing as installed. Oh, I used to have a Gold version unselectable, and regular? the only one selectable, in the part where you select the world or Saves you want to play. I now have only the one.
    What do you suggest I do, now that I’ve probably messed something up. I know you’re extremely busy, and I would appreciate your input. Thanks for the guides, I’ve used them a few more times than I would have liked, LOL.

    Comment by MistyTara | March 9, 2013 | Reply

    • I can tell you what I would I do in this case: Option 1: I would go to Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Library and sort the files by date. Then, I would open each package in S3PE, starting with the most recent packages, and look at the ICON resources. If you have enabled preview in S3PE, you will see a picture of the lot/family. (NB: While you’re there, you can re-name the package files to something descriptive. My Library files are all named so that I know what each package is.) Look for the Learning Center lot, as I suspect that it is still in your library folder, which is why it is not properly re-installing. If you find the library lot, re-name the package to something descriptive and move the package to your desktop. Then try to re-install.

      Option 2: If you don’t find the library lot, do a factory reset. Install Aurora Skies Gold edition, and go to the Library folder again. You should be able to find the Library lot this time. Make a copy of the lot and move it to your normal The Sims 3 Library folder. After that, the lot should show up (after you re-store your Sims3 folder).

      Actually, Option 2 might be quicker, but doing Option 1 first will ensure you don’t have multiple copies of the same package in your folder, which might be the problem you’re having now as well.

      Hope it helps.

      Comment by Nona | March 9, 2013 | Reply

  5. I went through all the items in Library from the time I purchased Aurora Skies, nothing there. So I just did a reset, redownloaded, tested the clean sims 3, everything ok. They put a Bar/Hangout where the the center goes, and no other lots that size, so maybe thats why it is not placed. But at least it was in Library, I made a lot & placed it, everything was in there.
    Now some notes of interest, to me anyway. Before I did the reset. I renamed the library, opened launcher, and 61 lots were there. Some I had downloaded from exchange, but not all those items were there, and some others, maybe EA’s, but again not all. Evidently not everything is just in library, or the launcher reads something else. I’m only talking lots, here.
    I’m trying to figure out a way to be able to keep track of my 500+ lots 🙂 and I’d like to work from the clean sims 3, and slowly reinstall (lots). I’d like to do it all through CC Magic, because:
    1. I can put everything in sets (already done for all Sims3.packs, except sims, and patterns)
    2. All the lots can be searched, sub-categorized, and deselected etc. Then I would only have to rename resaved lots in library.
    This seems to be an advantage over the “extract to Package files and place in Library” method which I was considering. What do you think?

    Question on this. Since we no longer have control after an lot is saved in-game, can I remove the resaved, renamed lot out of the library, and add to CC Magic, so I can keep them organized? As I understand it, I can move any Legacy/ packages to sets, and then they would be compressed as well.
    My purpose to all this is to be able to sort, prevent duplicates, and select as needed. They might stll end up in library, but I wouldn’t have to deal with them

    One more question, It has been found that lots from the exchange, if saved, come up as corrupt in Delphys Tool, but if you select option to install, they are fine. This is true for me. Can I safely, not install (IF they are not auto installed), let cc magic install from the downloads folder, or should I just wait, & do the rename thing, move from library, depends on answer to above. Don’t want launcher to install anything but, patterns, hair, worlds, and store stuff, because obviously once they install, everything in encrypted and it takes another program to find it etc., and it is so irritating, the Launcher has no sorting functions.

    Forgive me, One more question. How can I tell using the Sims 3 Pack Cleaner, which lots are just pointing to an object (if not found , EA will replace it), or if it is in fact cc. Some I don’t mind but I’d rather download myself,keep track of them separately, not hidden in a file. Same thing with clothing with patterns attached. Is there a way to separate them, keep each item separately.

    Sorry this is so long, but you’re so knowledgeable, I’m afraid I’m taking advantage of you 🙂 A Huge thank you for all of your help.

    PS: If there is anything I can do for you, just ask.

    Comment by MistyTara | March 10, 2013 | Reply

    • Don’t worry about asking so many questions, I don’t mind. If I miss a question, poke me and let me know 🙂

      The Library & The Launcher – If the launcher still lists lots even if your move the Library folder I would guess two things might be possible: 1. It might not actually update itself and is listing old things stored in some cache somewhere. Or 2. Perhaps it merged some lots into the DCCache? This is not something I’ve investigated so I’m not really sure.

      Lots, CC Magic- I think it’s a good idea to use CC Magic 🙂 It should save you some time. 500 Lots! Wow! That’s really a lot to go through.

      Corrupt Lots – Ok, I’m not 100% sure which tool you mean when you say Delphy’s Tool because he has two really popular ones: CUSTARD (Sims3pack clean, scans sim3packs) and Dashboard (scans package files). Now, if you’re reffering to Custard, which I believe you are — I don’t use Custard to clean Sims3Packs. I just look inside and see if there is any CC attached to the lot/sim. If there is, that’s when I use the multi-installer or CC Magic to get the lot package and pick/choose any of the CC I want (usually I don’t want it, lol!). For me, this gives me the most control over what goes in my game and is worth any extra hassle/work when it comes to sorting through things. The only thing I install via the Launcher is store stuff, .

      “How can I tell using the Sims 3 Pack Cleaner, which lots are just pointing to an object (if not found , EA will replace it), or if it is in fact cc.” – If it’s listed in CUSTARD, then it is included in the sism3pack.

      You can use CC Magic & Delphy’s Multi-installer to install attached CC separately.

      Comment by Nona | March 10, 2013 | Reply

  6. Poke 🙂 You didn’t address the moving of renamed files from the library to CC Magic, or interceding the exchange downloads and moving to CC Magic.. Are you saying cc Magic separates the cc found in Lots, etc? I didn’t know that. Thats a Wow, great! Am anxiously awaiting his new version.
    And you’re right, I hadn’t cleaned my caches, so thats probably it. I just refer to them as Delphys tools, cause as you said, they each have a specific use, so I use the appropiate one depending on which files I’m looking at, sorry to confuse you.
    Thanks for the really quick response, now I’ve got a lot of work to do.

    Comment by MistyTara | March 10, 2013 | Reply

    • Well, look at it like this: everything that gets loaded into the game must be in either a package form, or a merged archive of packages (such as .ebc/.dbc in the DCCache). A Sims3pack is more like a wrapped. Inside, it will hold one, tow, three or more packages. The launcher “unwraps” the Sims3pack and merges the packages inside into the .ebc/.dbc files. Each object has it’s own package, so CC Magic, and the multi-installer, will give you separate packages for each object/lot.

      Now, CC Magic just takes lot packages and puts them in your Library folder. So to be honest, moving them with CC Magic is unnecessary, because you can’t uninstall a Lot with CC Magic (currently a CC Magic limitation, you have to delete the lot in the Library). So basically, you’re just moving a package around to give CC Magic something to do. However, if you put a sims3pack with a lot and cc attached to it in CC Magic, you’ll be able to see the lot and also the cc and choose what to keep or delete.

      Comment by Nona | March 10, 2013 | Reply

  7. *If there is, that’s when I use the multi-installer or CC Magic to get the lot package and pick/choose any of the CC I want
    *so CC Magic, and the multi-installer, will give you separate packages for each object/lot.

    Nona, Maybe I’m not looking in the right place, but I just did an experiment with putting lots with both cc patterns and cc objects for CCMagic to process. The separate items do not show up, only the Lots. Even though he may process to separate package files it seems they are invisible to the user. So I’m afraid that method won’t work, unless you have some magic 🙂
    Wait as I’m writing this, I reread your statements that I have now included, if you are able to do it, What am I doing wrong.
    This is getting to be a habit. Have a great day.

    Comment by MistyTara | March 11, 2013 | Reply

    • I hadn’t done this in a while so I just tried it out again. The objects are merged by CC Magic, but they will be difficult to find. What I do is this: I create a Set in CC Magic for Lots. The Lots then go in this set. You won’t see individual packages for attached cc this way, you will only see the one sims3pack. This is due to the way CC Magic shows you the contents of its folder.

      Now, after you install your Lots (with cc) in CC Magic, go to your Library folder, you’ll notice the new lot files there. Next go to Mods\Cache\Sets and then find the set for your Lots. Inside the folder for your Lots set there will be a package file. If you open it up in S3PE, you’ll find all the CC associated with those lots.

      Now, this is not really that much better than the Launcher, because you can’t go through the individual items and disable or delete them. I do believe that grant is working on a feature to be able to see items in merged packages for the next CC Magic, but I’m not 100% sure of this. However, like this, you can install a lot with CC Magic, then go and delete the content from the Mods folder and you won’t have any cc hitchhiking.

      If you want to be choosy about which cc to keep and which to delete, for now the easiest way is to either use the multi-installer to extract all packages, and go through the packages individually, or just use Custard to remove it. I do it with the multi-installer, personally.

      Sorry about that.

      Comment by Nona | March 11, 2013 | Reply

  8. Ok Thanks, checked the cache, good way to delete the cc all at once, wouldn’t have known I could do that. You are teaching me so much 🙂 So at least they are installed free of cc through CC Magic. I definitely want that! So if I get lazy I might do it that way. I haven’t launched the game yet, but I’ll set up a few tests to check the library files. I’m, thinking at this point I’ll convert to package files, been doing that all day :(, and place the cc free lots in library. At least they keep their names that way. If they go through CCM I gather EA will do its thing, and the library is encrypted again.
    Questions: I haven’t played around with the Legacy files at all yet. Now if I move the package files to downloads, (suggested, somewhere) let CCM process, I can then move them into my sets, and the will be processed the same as 3Packs? And I should enable compression, right? I’ve read online, that hair gets funky when compressed, Is that a problem with CCM. And patterns still have to go through the EA’s launcher? I’ve read so many conflicting thoughts I’m not sure anymore. Phew! You must be sick of me by now. You are the only one I’ve seen answer questions thoroughly. So many others are cryptic and don’t really answer the question.We are blessed to have you 🙂

    Comment by MistyTara | March 12, 2013 | Reply

    • Only store files are encrypted. You can install anything through the Launcher that is not form the store, and then open those files. All non-encrypted objects installed through the launcher are stored in .dbc files in the in the DCCache. The encryped files, which are only objects from the Sims 3 store, are stored in .ebc files. The e in the ebc is for encrypted 🙂 So, installing the lot through CCM will not result in any encrypted files. However, the package will not be re-named, so you will have to go into the Library folder and re-name the packages yourself. You can open dbc files in S3PE, btw.

      About deleting CCM’s Cache: keep in mind that this won’t entirely uninstall the objects. If the contents are still listed in CCM, then when you do the next rebuild, CCM will re-merge those packages and they will end up reinstalled again. So make sure you delete the actual packages in CCM (you can also delete packages/Sims3packs in Documents\Electronic Arts\CC Magic\Contents).

      Yes, one of the main selling poitns of CC Magic is that it will process both packages and sims3packs. So, you can move all your packages in Mods\Packages to the downloads folder and let CC Magic handle them. I have never had any trouble with compressed hairs, so I always compress everything. I do keep my hairs in their own set. In the past, merging hairs & and other cc meant the hairs wouldn’t show up in the game for me. So, the hairs always get their own set. About patterns, Patterns made with the Create-A-Pattern tool were causing an issue when loading CAST. Grant fixed this when he updated CCM last July,1725.0.html?PHPSESSID=ajqds1q603relkbbs2gkvn37j2 ), so make sure you have that version.

      As far as I know, the only problem you have to look out for now is the problem with counters. For many counters, the corner counters are not re-colorable if the counter is converted to package form.

      One more thing, you can install mods through CCM, though some are better left in the Mods\Packages folder. I tend to keep my core mods (ErrorTrap) in Mods\Packages, and any test mods. Updating mods through CCM requires an extra step, as you must first delete the package in CCM and then put the new version in downloads. This is the easiest way to make sure CCM will rebuild when you put in the new version. So keep that in mind. I use CCM to merge almost everything I put in my game. Only some script mods don’t get merged, because they get updated often. For most people, I don’t recommend this. It is easier to forget that you have a certain mod installed, and you might even accidentally find yourself running old versions of mods that will break your game (this happened to me at 1.50 when I forgot to delete the CCM cache, lol!).

      Anyhow, not sick of answering questions 🙂 Just trying my best to give good information.

      Comment by Nona | March 12, 2013 | Reply

  9. Nona, thanks so much for your reply. On the encrypyted part, I used the wrong term, I was just referring to the “names” of the files in Library unless or until you rename them. Sorry and you gave such a nice explanation. Since you are experienced in Delphys’ Tools. Heres a lulu for you.
    1. First I ran my Sims3.packs through the Sims 3 pack Cleaner, put the clean ones in a folder to be packaged.
    2. Ran those files througn the Multi installer.
    3. Just for curiosity I ran the packages through Dashboard
    4. Almost all come up corrupt, have another package inside it. Tried using s3pe, but I don’t know how to find them.
    The other cc (non-lot) that I went through and packaged are ok. Only the lots are a problem.
    5. On top of that I ‘m having a problem with CCmagic. None of the icons show up on my package files. I don’t have that many in there, and hadn’t noticed the few I had put in to Downloads for CCM to process that didn’t have icons were mostly packages. I kept deleting anything that didn’t show an icon, and put into a “needs work” folder. Then I go to check my Legacy folder no icons. I wrote to him on his site last night, but its still waiting for approval.

    I’ve been searching all day for other posts etc for these issues, reread how to use the programs, and again I’m back to the BEST answer person. I’m so frustrated at this point, trying to do a good, thorough job and Bam!

    Comment by MistyTara | March 14, 2013 | Reply

  10. Update: I have about 6 packages for which the icon shows up in CCMagic, I found I could search for the word package, in each set 🙂 I tried some of the newly packaged objects, they don’t show an icon either.

    Comment by MistyTara | March 14, 2013 | Reply

  11. Hello i’m really sorry this question has been asked and answered many times but i honestly need help! I recently installed Monte Vista and is not appearing in my main menu and i’ve tried all of your suggestions! please reply sorry to dwell on the subject

    Comment by Isabel | April 10, 2013 | Reply

    • I’m sorry but you are going to need to be more specific if you want me to help. On top of that, this list of options is pretty much the bets advice I can give you. If even Option 4 does not work, then I suspect that you have downloaded the world illegally. If that is the case, I cannot help you here.

      If you did not download Monte Vista illegally, then please Try Option 4 up to Step 3. If you see the world in your Main Menu, you might have to re-install all of your store content.

      If you wish to contact me in private, please feel free to PM me at MTS.

      Comment by Nona | April 11, 2013 | Reply

  12. I bought monte vista from the sims 3 store within a bundle of 100 sim points ill give your suggestion a try and report if no difference is made.


    Comment by Isabel | April 11, 2013 | Reply

  13. I have tried option 4 to step three and is still not appearing in my main menu this is my only problem, although before i had experienced trouble with my installed content as some corrupted data was downloaded from the exchange, however once i tryed your option 2 it seemed to clear the problem ☺

    Comment by Isabel | April 11, 2013 | Reply

  14. Hi, I am having problems with my premium content and the worlds from the sims 3 store. I have tried all four options but none of them have seemed to work. Any suggestions?

    Comment by Erica | April 15, 2013 | Reply

  15. Hi Nona. Please can you offer me some advice? My problem is similar to those listed above, but not quite the same.
    This morning I purchased a 5000 simpoint bundle and then bought Lucky Palms Gold. The simpoints were deducted from my total but when I click on ‘Download’ nothing happens. I have tried downloading from the purchase history and the worlds section. I have tried to do it by manually opening the launcher and even the good old repeatedly clicking on the button, but nothing works. I have rebooted my whole computer as well as restarting the launcher and closing and opening my account on the site. I don’t understand why it won’t do anything when I click download..! Can you help me please?

    Comment by Sam | April 29, 2013 | Reply

    • Hi Sam, I have a few things you could try:

      1. Try downloading the world from inside the game. Start the game and open the Downloads Dashboard (See Option 1 in this blog post). See if the world will download from there.

      2. Try using a different browser, even IE is worth trying if it will download your world for you.

      3. You can also try clearing out your cookies in your browser. I have had problems where I couldn’t get to the Sims 3 store or forums at ALL with Chrome (but I could with IE). Deleting my cookies helped with that (unfortunately you will lose your saved passwords. If you’re using Chrome, you could look for the cookie associated with the SIms 3 site and delete that one specifically. You can probably do this with other browsers too, but I haven’t used other browsers in a while so I wouldn’t remember how).

      4. If none of those things help, re-name your The Sims 3 folder to The Sims 3.old and try downloading the sims3pack that way. If it downloads, go to Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Downloads and manually move the sims3pack to the desktop. Then, Delete the NEW The Sims 3 folder. Re-name the old one back to the The Sims 3 and put the sims3pack in Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Downloads and then install.

      Hope this helps, and good luck. Let me know if you get it to work. I’ve had this problem before as well, quite a while ago. I can’t remember what I did to fix it, but one of these should help, I hope!

      Comment by Nona | April 30, 2013 | Reply

      • Thank you. Turns out, as soon as I installed a new browser it worked perfectly! (Husband is slightly miffed at my messing with his computer though..oops!)
        Thanks for your help :).

        Comment by Sam | April 30, 2013 | Reply

      • Good, glad it’s working 🙂

        Comment by Nona | April 30, 2013 | Reply

  16. Nona I am praying you can help me!! As NONE of the Origin ‘help advisors’ can. I am new to the Sims but totally addicted!! I had major trouble trying to access my launcher when I initially bought the downloaded version through Origin. Each time I got an advisor, they gave me some other excuse or reason and had me delete my game, uninstall it (both manually and not), and reinstall it. Even with me telling the next advisor I had already done exactly this the times before. I eventually figured out with an advisor on the phone that my launcher wasnt closing in my Task Host and that I never had any issues that required all the un & re installing I did. No one ever mentioned downloading existing content into a back up until I had already figured this all out. Now I am unable to locate or install the towns I purchased with my Simpoints and the only fullproof way an advisor can give me is to repurchase the towns I already paid for!!! I blew through a ton of cash already as in the begining the only way I could get the launcher to launch was when I bought something new!! So I blew through (3) three $80 Simpoints in a very short time not to mention ALL the expansion packs!!! Now it just doesn’t seem right to me to have to spend one more dime to be able to play this game!!! Can you help me???

    Comment by Jennifer Doolity | May 1, 2013 | Reply

    • Jennifer, I’m sorry you had to go through such a hassle. It is my experience with Origin help that they all have scripts they run through and they don’t play the game or have any other experience with it whatsoever. Their help is usually not very helpful at all. not when it comes to game issues like this. Sigh.

      Anyhow, about your purchases, I guess you’ve been through your purchase history at ? Otherwise you wouldn’t be here, I suppose. So you went to and then wen to the Store drop menu on the main page and went to My Store Account > Purchase History. When you log in there’s nothing in your purchase history?

      If that is the case there are two things I can think of off the top of my head 1. Try looking with a different browser and see if you get the same result. And 2. Is it possible that you’ve accidentally created more than one account on ?

      If none of these suggestions help, come back and let me know.

      Comment by Nona | May 1, 2013 | Reply

  17. Hi Nona,

    I recently bought Lunar Lakes, Monte Vista, and Hidden Springs and I havent’t been able to install them. The worlds show up in the installed worlds folder, but not in the main menu. I’ve tried all 4 options, including option 4 several times. Do you have any idea what may be causing this problem?

    Comment by Courtney | June 26, 2013 | Reply

    • This is a toughie, especially if you’ve tried Option 4 several times. Question: have you tried installing them separately. For example, make a clean folder (rename sims 3 folder), and install one one world. Then launch your game and see if it shows up. If you haven’t tried that already then you might as well give it a go and see what happens.

      Another option would be to make a clean folder like in option 4, but try to download one of the worlds through the Downloads Dashboard and see if that happens.

      Unfortunately, it’s late here and I’m on my way to bed so I won’t be able to answer again until the morning. Hope you get it figured out.

      Comment by Nona | June 26, 2013 | Reply

      • I tried both of those and sadly they didn’t work. By this point I’m just very confused like what is even going on.

        Comment by Courtney | June 27, 2013 | Reply

    • Ok, here’s another idea, disable Shop Mode. At the main menu, click “…” go to Options, then go to General Settings tab (cog wheels), and untick “Enable Shop Mode.” and see if your worlds show up. If they don’t show up right away, you could try restarting your game once to see if they show up then.

      If you’ve already done this, or it doesn’t work, I will have to do more thinking.

      Comment by Nona | June 27, 2013 | Reply

      • I’m having the same issues as the person above. I tried just doing option 4 with one world and it still won’t show up. Same with disabling the shop mode part. Done everything I can think of and the worlds just won’t show up in game. Any more ideas?

        Comment by Alexis Hohne (@alexishohne) | September 3, 2013 | Reply

      • Hi Alexis, sorry for the delay in response. What world is it that you’re trying to install? Is a CAW world or is it a world from the Sims 3 Store?

        If it’s a CAW World, then you might be experiencing a common problem that happens when installing CAW Worlds. Unfortunately, I’m really inexperienced with that, so I can only recommend that you maybe try asking at Simlogical:,59.0.html

        If it’s a Sims 3 Store World, I’m somewhat stumped. I can’t imagine why Option 4 wouldn’t work for everyone. Well, I do have a couple of ideas but they are somewhat complicated and I don’t want to explain them in a comment. They may not even help. If you’re up for it, send me a PM at MTS or send me PM at Simlogical.

        Comment by Nona | September 5, 2013 | Reply

  18. Hello!
    So my question has to do with a world I created with CAW. I spent several days creating my first world, and when I finally went to export it, everything went a-okay, yet the town did not show up in the main menu. In addition, custom worlds I had previously downloaded disappeared as well. I’ve tried option 4, along with others, and my town still won’t show up 😦
    Do you think is just a CAW issue or is there anything else you can think of to get it to show up?

    Thank you!

    Comment by Rachel MarieRachel | July 28, 2013 | Reply

    • Hey Rachel, there was definitely a problem with CAW worlds at some point, but I haven’t actually heard any complaints about it in a while, so I thought it’d been fixed. are you using the latest patch level, and the latest CAW? Also, if you remove the world you created, do your other custom worlds show up again?

      Comment by Nona | July 28, 2013 | Reply

      • I redownloaded/reinstalled CAW so I’m assuming it’s up to date? My game is up to date as well.
        The other worlds do indeed show back up when I delete the export file for my world. I tried with another world I started a little on as practice and it did the same thing.

        Comment by Rachel MarieRachel | July 28, 2013 | Reply

      • This is a CAW problem and I’m really inexperienced with CAW. What I suggest is that you head over the CAW forums at Simlogical and post about it there (direct link to CAW forums at Simlogical:,59.0.html )

        We have some experienced CAW creators there and I believe some of them went through this before, so hopefully they can help. It’s the best advice I can provide.

        Comment by Nona | July 29, 2013 | Reply

  19. I have done everything I can to get my game to work (Sims 3 Dragon Valley) It will not work! I talked to an EA rep for over 2 hours and they didn’t help me at all, I’ve tried all these ^ nothing is helping me, I am so frustrated! Someone please help me.

    Comment by Toshia | October 16, 2013 | Reply

  20. Hi, another simmer here trying not to scream in frustration. Recently I purchesed seasons and the world bundle (monte vista and hidden springs) now when I try to move a family orcreate a sim and move them into a house it refuses to work. I can get up until the point where I can either purches a lot or home and when I click start playing with this family nothing happens?

    I uninstalled and reinstalled my world’sit didn’t help.

    Comment by Sarah | October 26, 2013 | Reply

    • Hi Sarah, this doesn’t sound like an issue with the world installation.Do you have any mods installed? If so,try removing them and see if that helps. Another thing that might help is to download the super patch and apply that. You can download the super patch directly from EA servers here:

      Here’s another post where a user had a similar problem:

      This is a long discussion, but it seems that the user had a corrupt household that prevented him from placing sims in the world. What you can try is go to Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 and the folder called Library and cut and paste it to the desktop. Then load up your game. All of your lots and households will be gone but don’t panic, we can get them back. Just try to move any family into a house and see if it works.

      If it works, you have a corrupt file in your Library folder. To identify it, you’re going to have to slowly add back the content of your Library folder. Create a folder in the Sims 3 Folder called Library and add back 50% of the files from the Library folder on your desktop. Then start your game and try placing a family. If it works, you know the bad file is in the other 50%. If it doesn’t work, the bad file is in the 50%. Continue adding or removing 50% of files until you find the culprit.

      Please let me know how it goes.

      Comment by Nona | October 26, 2013 | Reply

  21. Hi Nona,
    I know this is so late and you will probably not reply but I am using a macbook pro and I installed roaring heights. I tried getting help from EA yesterday but they were not as helpful as this one article.

    On my mac where do I find the DCbackup? This will help so much because I am so frustrated now it’s horrible

    Comment by Sandra King | July 5, 2014 | Reply

    • Hi Sandra, I’m not a Mac user, but I know that the user folders for Sims 3 are stored here in the mac:

      /Users//Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/

      I hope this helps!

      Comment by Nona | July 5, 2014 | Reply

  22. Hello, Nona. 🙂

    I’m new to this site, but from what I can tell it seems like you do a lot to assist members of the Sims community. It’s very kind of you to try to help others with their games. Thank you for that.

    I read over your guide to installing worlds, and I went through all of the methods, but neither of the non EP worlds I’ve installed (Riverview and Midnight Hollow [including content that comes with it]) are showing up in my game. With Riverview, although I’m a little bummed, it’s free so it’s not a big deal. Not being able to play Midnight Hollow, which I splurged on a gold version of, is what’s really bothering me.

    During one of my attempts, something interesting happened that may be a clue to the problem. When I tried installing Midnight Hollow via the Downloads Dashboard, I got a message saying there were updates to store content. Two 0.0 KB Midnight Hollow files appeared in the Downloads section of the Launcher. One never finished downloading, but I’m pretty sure I installed the one that did (via Launcher, without quitting the game) and it still didn’t show up in the main menu. Should I perhaps try something similar again?

    I am playing Sims 3 v. 1.67 on a MacBook Pro, OS 10.9.5.

    Would you please help me figure this out? I will try any suggestions and will be happy to give you any and all the information I can. I’d go to EA for help, but I’ve read that their support, particularly for Mac users, is awful.

    I really appreciate you taking the time to read this message, and I would be very grateful if you be willing to help me.

    Comment by Hayley | June 5, 2016 | Reply

  23. Hello Nona! 🙂

    I have done all of the options here but sadly none of them works for me. What bugs me is that yes, the worlds are indicated as installed in the launcher, but the world and the objects along with it are not seen in the game. Same goes with all of my Sims3pack items, they basically do not show up in the game, though my mods show up! This is very frustrating for me since I love my saves especially the ones from Midnight Hollow which I have built up a story with.
    The problem started when I installed NRAAS Career mod and things got wonky from there, like my active Sim from Bridgeport is unselectable, is stuck and can’t do any actions and is not interactive but the other Sims from my household is working. Also, I kept on getting the Debug error every 10 minutes into the game with either all my saves or even a new one.

    So I did some troubleshooting, like deleting the DCCache and all the options from here but yeah, I’m stuck.
    Please help me, Nona! Your Premium content guide has always helped me in the past so I believe you can help me with this.

    Thanks a bunch! Cheers!

    Comment by Mariel | June 23, 2016 | Reply

  24. I have a similar problem. I bought the sims 3 expansion bundle world adventure and generation.i installed it and the icon in my launcher is highlighted.when i play the game i have the items and everything of both game.but the worlds didnt install.its not there in the list of my worlds.i have,sunset valley,brigeport and isla paradiso but the generation one and world adventure are not here?? What is the problem because everything is installed and what should i do. I dont understand. Plz help someone!

    Comment by Rebeccakayolo | September 25, 2016 | Reply

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