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Unplanned triplets galore

Right, so I’ve been playing a lot of TS4, and something kind of strange is going on in my game. My sims keep having triplets, even without the fertile aspiration reward! At least, this one particular family is having triplets. My “founder” sim, so to speak, first had triplets. I thought she must have been super lucky or something. Anyhow, now her daughter has had triplets also! I turned aging off just so I could play around and explore the game without any concerns about aging and death spoiling the fun, so it’s not really a legacy game in the strictest definition, but now I’m sort of interested in finding out if this next generation will also have triplets. It might be time to send my founder off the after life soon anyhow, considering she’s completed 3 aspirations. But I will really miss her handiness.

Anyhow, anybody else having lots of triplets?

September 12, 2014 Posted by | Uncategorized | 2 Comments