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Showtime: Performance Career Tweaks

Want No Limos for almost all careers and for celebrities? Check out my new No Limos mod at Simlogical.

This is a simple XML Tuning mod which removes the Limo for Showtime Performance Careers and/or removes the fail chance at the high levels of the career. This mod only affects Singers, Acrobats and Magicians, which are part of the Showtime Expansion Pack.

Important Details:

  • This mod requires the Sims 3 Showtime Expansion Pack. Using it without Showtime should not have any effect on your game, but it will be a totally useless waste of space.
  • This mod was built with patch 1.31 and is compatible patch 1.32 and 1.33 as well.  Due to its simplicity, this mod may not necessarily require an update after major patches. It’s always best to check in, though.


Use only one flavor!
  • Nona_PerformanceCareer_NoFail.package – At levels 9 and 10, performers no longer have a chance to fail with their tricks.
  • Nona_PerformanceCareer_NoLimo.package – Level required to receive limo ride change to 11 (up from 8), so that performers never get a limo.
  • Nona_PerformanceCareer_NoLimoNoFail. package – Performers will neither fail at their tricks, nor receive a limo.

Download Available at Simlogical.

 If you would like an additional flavor of this mod, such as one which also provide the tuning from gesimz’s mod, please let me know and I can combine them.

Additional Credits:

Peter & Inge Jones for S3PE, Armiel for the Builder’s DIY Island which I use so frequently for testing.


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