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Problem: The violin skill bar doesn’t show while my sim is playing. It only flashes when my sim finishes.

Help! I purchased the Duke of Bows Renaissance Fair from the Sime 3 Store, but when my sim plays the Violin the skill bar doesn’t show up.

There are two separate issues with the violin, although the firts is not really an “issue,” as it means the violin skill is working correctly.

1. The skill bar doesn’t show while my sim is playing. It only flashes briefly when my sim finishes. 

This is not a bug. In this case, the violin skill is working correctly. The violin skill is not calculated continuously while the sim is playing the violin. Instead, the skill gain is calculated at the end of the interaction (either because you canceled the interaction, or because the sim finished playing), based on how long your sim was playing. Your sim gains 800 skill points per sim hour spent playing the violin. The advantage to coding the violin this way is that your sim will not reset if your ccmerged.package is corrupt or incomplete. Instead, the sim will play the violin like normal, but will not gain any skill.

2. My sim plays the violin for hours but never gains any skill.

If your sim does not gain skill points when you cancel the interaction, or when the interaction finishes (see point 1 above), this means the actual violin skill is not installed properly in your game. Your ccmerged.package is either incomplete or corrupt. To fix the issue, please read: DCBackup, ccmerged.package and Your Premium Content Items

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Violin Compositions

It appears that it was EA’s intention for the user not to be able to choose the first 6 songs for the new store Violin. They are more like learning curve songs, and the sims don’t play them very well.  For example, the level 0 song is played very poorly, and you wouldn’t expect a sim with skill level of 6 or higher to play so poorly.

It seems more likely that the description in the violin User Manual at the store is actually just not 100% accurate. The violin does provide all of these new compositions, but your sim can’t choose to play all of them.

UPDATE:  It has been confirmed that the description at the store is wrong. There are only 5 compositions for the violin. See:   (plus three medieval compositions).


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