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Recommendation: Load your game lightning fast! Worlds that help with testing, building or using CAS.

If you spend a lot of your time in the Sims 3 building houses, creating Sims in CAS, or even just testing out objects or mods, then you might be sick of loading times by now. I have first hand experience with this, because I always have to test my mods before I release them. Especially when testing script mods, it gets to the point where the loading time becomes more of a hassle than actually making any changes to the mod itself.

So, how can you speed up loading times when you just want to build a house or play around in CAS? Disabling custom content does speed up loading times, but it means you won’t be able to use your CC while creating. Actually, the best way to speed up your loading time is to use a really small world! Small, empty worlds have next to nothing for the game to load, which means your neighborhood will load lightning fast! Here’s a list of small, empty worlds that can really help you out when it comes to testing, building and using CAS.

  • Armiel’s Builder’s DIY Island – This small island has enough space for one 64×64 lot, or several smaller lots. I have used this island for testing for years, and have recommended in some tutorials.
  • Gurra’s Isle of the Midnight Sun – This is a tiny little island which was created for the Midnight Sun Challenge. It’s also really useful for testing and CAS.
  • Shivar’s World for Sim and Clothing Creators/Using CAS and Nothing Else – This really small world isn’t even an Island. You can use it for building smaller lots (40×40 or smaller) jumping into CAS quickly, creating scenes for stories, or anything else you can think of.

If you find any other small, empty worlds, that are great for testing because they have nothing in them, be sure to share the links in the comments.


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  1. […] Recommendation: Load your game lightning fast! Worlds that help with testing, building or using CAS – Tired of testing? This will help. […]

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  2. Hi Nona,

    I wanted to let you know dat Armiel’s world won’t open –> CRC is not correct: sims3pack is damaged. I tried with WinRAR, FreeArc en 7 Zip and I can unpack other files with those programs. Maybe it’s just me of maybe it is the world.I read in the comments it’s an old world so maybe that’s why, I don’t know. Can you try to unpack it to see what happens?Thank you. I want to use this recommendation for a tip on my site, that’s why I tried to see if the worlds do load that fast. I recently made my own world for this purpose and it load superfast so I will tell people that they can either use one of those world or make one themself because it takes no time to make.I also tried some worlds from Auntielynds like Twin Skies, this world seems perfect for building but it’s large so it takes too long to load. I also want to try Ania Bay City and BYO Neighborhood but my stupid game won’t install them, even do the launcher “say’s” they where installed. So I keep trying, it’s not the first time this happens.

    Comment by SimLibby | October 20, 2013 | Reply

    • Hiya SimLibby,

      I use Builder’s DIY Island in my own game and have no problems with it, though it does appear to have had had some issues since the IP patch. I only use it for mod testing so I haven’t had any experience with that. Anyhow, I re-downloaded the world, and put it in a fresh Sims 3 Folder. I extracted it fine with no problems and installed it fine with no problems. Then I loaded it fine with no problems. Unfortunately, I don’t know what could be causing your problem.

      If you provide me with links of the worlds you’re trying out, I can try them out as well for you 🙂

      Comment by Nona | October 20, 2013 | Reply

      • Hi Nina,

        Thank you so much for trying, that’s why I knew for sure it was me so I checked again. I made a mistake: I unpacked the file when it was still downloading. Normally it doesn’t take so long that’s why I didn’t saw it. I was busy with several things on my PC, I think that’s why downloading took longer than normal. Sorry for any inconvenience. About those worlds: I manage to install after several attempts, but when I started a new game the worlds showed several times. So it took 3 of 4 tries to succesfully install but then the world was showing up 4 times when selecting a new game. Finally I decided to make a clean The Sims 3 folder, without my downloads (I thought maybe I had already to many worlds installed). With my clean folder, the worlds installed normally. I have found some other worlds that are also quick load. Not as quick as “you’re” worlds but still quick. They are also bigger. Some worlds are also good for stories but also for building or CAS I would think. Some have rabbitholes and (empty) lots in them. In case you’re interested and want to see for yourself I give you the links to their studio (so this message won’t get marked as spam like last time): Ania Bay City and BYO neighboorhood: and Horse Head Island, Pigeon Rock, Ridgeview-BG:

        Comment by Libby | October 20, 2013 | Reply

      • Auntielynds has another. How did I miss that:
        Let me know what you think of the worlds.

        Comment by Libby | October 21, 2013 | Reply

      • Libby, I’m very sorry that I didn’t get to test out the worlds you’ve linked yet. I’ve been very busy, and have been trying to get ahead so I can have time to play ITF, but it’s not working out. I’ll try to find some time to look into those worlds today 🙂

        Comment by Nona | October 24, 2013 | Reply

      • No rush, take you’re time. Maybe I can save you some trouble. The last world I mention (from Auntie) is a Tiny CAS world (256×256), especially made for CAS. The other worlds: Ania Bay city is a big empty world (2048×2048) although it loads pretty fast. I have dropped this world from my tip because it’s so big. Pigeon Rock (512×512) loads pretty fast too but is not empty (maybe good for stories). Horse Head Island (512×512) and Ridgeview-BG (1024×2014) are empty with pretty good loading times. BYO neighborhood (1024×1024) is empty with good loading times. But none of the worlds I mention load as fast as “you’re” worlds (except Tine CAS world, I forgot to test this one, I will do, but I think it’s pretty fast too) but still I think they load pretty fast. The worlds I mention for my tip are: you’re worlds and tiny CAS World. In a paragraph I mention: Horse Head Island, Ridgeview-BG and BYO neighborhood with the message: those worlds are good for small building, making tutorials or for making pictures. I also mention people can make their own world (and how) because this takes no time (in case people don’t want to download). See:
        But I can imagine you want to see for yourself how fast/slow those worlds load. As would I, since I did the same with “you’re” world. But again, take you’re time. In Holland we have this saying: “Haste makes waste” (it sounds better in Dutch, more subtle, but you get the point) so think about that next time you try to get ahead.

        Comment by Libby | October 24, 2013 | Reply

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