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Horse mod: No Autonomous Bottle Feed Foal

This mod disables autonomous bottle feeding of foals.

Important Details:

  • This mod requires the Sims 3 PETS Expansion Pack. Using it without PETS should not have any effect on your game, but it will be a totally useless waste of space.
  • This mod was built with patch 1.34, and is compatible with patches 1.29, 1,31 and 1.33. It is also extremely likely to be compatible with patch 1.26.
  • Due to its simplicity, this mod may not necessarily require an update after major patches. It’s always best to check in, though.


  • This mod will conflict with any other mod that alters the SimBottleFeedFoal_Sim resource in the GameplayData.package.
  • At the time of writing this, I do not know of any mod that will conflict with this mod.
  • If you are not sure if a mod will conflict with another, use Delphy’s Sims 3 Dashboard Tool to check.

Download at Simlogical

Please report any problems you come across with this mod.


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