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KittyWay animated cat door – unique first from Simlogical

A cats only catdoor, with complete natural feline animations, and 4-way locking just like a real cat door.  There is even an option to make it “electronically controlled” (ie keep out strays)

This amazing piece of custom content was possible due to the great teamwork that goes on at simlogical.

Get the KittyWay Cat Door at Simlogical. 


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  1. How cute is that! Looks great!

    Comment by KikiLaKiwi | June 13, 2012 | Reply

  2. I got this the other day and it has solved a problem for me, I am so glad you made it and I found it. But in the course of hunting this up I came across several other pet related things that turned out not to be as useful as they seemed at first glance.

    Specifically there is an under-the-stairs dog house at TSR which was set up to be modular – ie you place a small arched door and then you place the doghouse behind it. I saw the door, thought, great, a pet door! However in game it does not allow routing when placed through a normal wall (not under the stairs).

    I opened it up with S3PE and it is based on the Mission Arch (single width). However it has clearly been unglued from the door animation. This is sort of not surprising given its been enabled to intersect stairs, and given that the door/arch it is based on allows human-sized traffic.

    What I can’t figure out is where she uncoupled that relationship. OBJK is unchanged. She of course changed the cutout size. And she enabled intersection with stairs in one of the FTPT files. The _KEY file is totally missing though, and none of the resources are named, they’ve all had the names stripped off, which I’m guessing is a byproduct of TSRW? At any rate the STBLs are all still there but the localization strings are hard-coded in (and all in English I might add, has no one heard of google translate, babelfish, or any of the other numerous translation apps online???). Anyway.

    Would the missing _KEY file cause the interaction to become uncoupled? I’m guessing she uncoupled it from actual door usage so she wouldn’t have to write a custom script for it, to keep people from trying to walk through it (instead of just pets). But I’m baffled as to how she accomplished that or how to undo it, if possible.

    Comment by Simjourner | June 8, 2014 | Reply

  3. I looooove this, but would it be possible to turn this into 3 flavors: cat only, dog only, cat or dog? That would make this PERFECT! I can’t for the life of me find a dog door! Doesn’t even need animations lol

    Comment by Samantha | April 3, 2016 | Reply

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