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Recommendation: Asian Hot Tub Fix at MATY

If you have the Japanese Inspired Living Compilation from the Sims 3 Store (also available in the December 2011 Compilation Set),then you’ve probably noticed that the Infinite Flow Hot Tub has broken animations. There is a tube out of which water should presumably flow, but nothing happens. You can see that the hot tub is using the wrong animation by looking very closely at the base, where the wall with the tube meets the tub.

In this case, the hot tub was assigned the wrong script class. It should have had the same script class as the celebrity reward hot tub from Late Night. The Thermal Sanitarium from the Future Shock Living set also uses this script class. Just changing the script class was enough, however, because the animation didn’t line up with the tube, it had to be scaled to the correct position. This is where kissing_toast comes in! He was able to move the animation so that the water would flow out of the tub and look all pretty and nice like.

Infinite Flow Hot Tub Fix by kissing_toast at MATY

Of course, the Infinite Flow Hot Tub isn’t the only broken hot tub from the store. The King and Queen of Steam from the Viva Las Vegas Bedroom set also has a broken animation. I waited with posting this recommendation first to see if using a different script class and making a few adjustments would work, but apparently it’s not going too well. You can check out the thread at MTS if you have any ideas.

Get the Asian Hot Tub fix here, courtesy of kissing_toast at MATY.

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