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Showtime Mechanical Bull: No changing into Cowboy/Cowgirl outfits (Update: New Flavors)

This is a simple XML Tuning mod which requires level 11 Athletic Skill to switch into the Cowboy/Cowgirl outfit when riding the mechanical bull from Show time, effectively removing the change outfit effect.


16 March 2012 – Updated to include new flavors (not a compatibility update).

Important Details:

  • This mod requires the Sims 3 Showtime Expansion Pack. Using it without Showtime should not have any effect on your game, but it will be a totally useless waste of space.
  • This mod was built with patch 1.31 and is compatible patch 1.32 and 1.33 as well.  Due to its simplicity, this mod may not necessarily require an update after major patches. It’s always best to check in, though.


  • NonaMena_nomechbull_outfits – Sims will no longer changed into Cowboy or Cowgirl outfits when riding the mechanical bull.
  • NonaMena_nomechbull_outfits-swimwear – Sims will no longer changed into Cowboy or Cowgirl outfits when riding the mechanical bull. Dramatic and Inappropriate sims will no longer have a chance to change into swimwear when riding the mechanical bull.
  • NonaMena_nomechbull_outfits-swimwear-shortride – Same as above, plus ride length is reduced by half.  Easy rider: 10 sim minutes (down from 20); Bucking Bronco: 15 sim minutes (down from 30);  Crazy Cowboy: 20 sim minutes (down from 40).

Download available at Simlogical

Please comment at Simlogical f you have any problems with this mod.

Additional Credits:

I did not come up with the idea of this mod. gesimz from MTS asked about it in the modding discussion, and I made the mod to test my suggestion. Since it’s already made and exists I decided to put it on my blog anyway. It’s not like anyone ever visits, reads or downloads anything from here anyhow.

Peter & Inge Jones for S3PE, Armiel for the Builder’s DIY Island which I use so frequently for testing.


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  2. Actually, I download things from here all the time. I love the blog. It’s much easier than searching MTS and I really like the recommendations. Thanks for keeping it up.

    Comment by kungfuhousewife | September 4, 2012 | Reply

    • Aw, thanks for the comment 🙂

      Comment by Nona | September 5, 2012 | Reply

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