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Looking for maternity clothes for your elder females?

This topic comes up pretty frequently on NRaas discussion boards and among users who use a lot of NRaas mods. The Woohooer allows elders to get pregnant, but maternity elder clothes are difficult to find. This results in the so-called floaty head syndrome, in which elders have only a head and feet, and nothing in between. It’s a pretty spooky sight.

Fortunately, there are at least couple of options out there for people with pregnant female elders. These options aren’t perfect. The elder’s head will have a large gap at the neck, although it is only super noticeable if you zoom in on the sim. In any case, it’s a lot better than foaty head syndrome.

Cara is an elder, but she's also pregnant.

The first option is from CmarNYC at MTS: Pregnancy morphs added to six game clothes. You want to download the attachment in the comment I’ve linked to directly, as those files are the ones that are enabled for elders.

The second options is from Bluna at Vila Sims. It’s a Portuguese site and you’ll have to register to download the dress, so you might want to let Google translate for you if you don’t speak Portuguese. Also, the dress is categorized for Teen, which I didn’t like. It was an easy change to make myself, since I install everything in package form anyhow. I just prefer to get my teen maternity clothes from Poppy Sims.

I’ve shared some screenshots with you below. You might notice that the  elder sim is not slouching, but standing straight. I’m not sure it’s possible for a pregnant sim to slouch in the game, which is why the maternity clothes leave an unseemly gap at the neck.

The Riche family was created by SimSample, and you can download them at the exchange.


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