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Spell Book Mod: Tweaks for Makin’ Magic moodlet and Spell Casting (new Flavors)

Casting spells with the spell book from the Sims 3 store has never been easier! This mod is also available at MTS.

BUFF mods are updated every time EA releases a new Premium Content object that provides new moodlets.

2 March 2012 – This mod is compatible with patch 1.42

Note: You MUST have the Lady Ravendancer Goth’s Book o’ Spells from the Sims 3 Store in order for these mods to work. They will NOT add the item to your game.


  • Again, this requires the The Spell Book Premium Content Item from the Sims 3 Store to be installed in your game, or it will do absolutely nothing. ❗
  • No other Expansion or Stuff Packs are required for this mod, ONLY the store item.
  • These mods were created and tested with patch 1.29. Due to their simplicity, these mods may not necessarily require an update after major patches.  In fact, unless EA updates the Spell book or other magic store items, these mods will likely not need an update at all. It’s always best to check in, though.

Conflicts: This is important. ❗ READ THIS ❗

  • These mods modify two resources. You may download these separately, or together.
  • These mods will conflict with any other mod that alters these resources or otherwise replaces them. Please see each mod for specific conflicts and installation instructions.
  • If you are using a package which clones the spell book and Fountain and Youth so that they both work properly in your game, THIS MOD WILL CONFLICT! You must use a different fix, to make them all work at the same time. Please see below for more information.
  • These mods will not conflict with the texture replacement created by Nukael at MTS.

I have created two different types of mods. The first mod changes the duration and mood bonus of the Makin’ Magic moodlet, so that your sims don’t have to “charge” their magic so often. The second mod changes the success rate of spell casts, and the length of sim time required to review a spell. You may mix and match these two mods. Use only one flavor from “Makin’ Magic” and one from Better Spell Casting and Reviewing

Makin’ Magic
Does the Makin’ Magic buff disappear too quickly for your taste? Then this mod is for you.

Flavor Package Description – Use only one of these!
Buff_1 Longer_Magic_1.package Makin’ Magic moodlet lasts 1 sim day.
Buff_30 Longer_Magic_30s.package Makin’ Magic moodlet is permanent.
Buff_30_nobonus Longer_Magic_30_nobonus.package Makin’ Magic moodlet is permanent. The moodlet does not provide any mood boost.
Buff_6hr Longer_Magic_6hr.package Makin’ Magic moodlet lasts 6 sim hours
Buff_90min_5bonus Shorter_Magic_90_5bonus.package Makin’ Magic moodlet lasts 90 minutes and gives a +5 mood bonus.

Makin’ Magic moodlet lasts 1 sim day with the Buff_1 Flavor.

How to install
Put this file in your Mod\Packages\Overrides folder.

If you do not have an Overrides folder, create one and ensure that your Resource.cfg is properly set up for overrides. If you aren’t sure, simply re-download the framework from  MTS and put the included resource.cfg in your Mods folder. You will then have a working Overrides folder.


  • As long as you put this package in your properly configured Overrides folder, it should not conflict with anything I know of.
  • This mods alters the BUFF resource found in the spell book, instance ID 0x8C7DC944B6793A27 (it does not have it’s own resource name).
  • Please note that this file uses the same BUFF resource found in the MATY Premium Content Fix, but they will not conflict if you place mine in the Overrides folder. This is a combined BUFF resource, which includes all buffs from the store magic items. This is because the buffs from all of those objects use the same TGI.

Better Spell Casting and Reviewing
Is your skilled witch tired of her casts failing for no apparent reason? Does your warlock wish he knew how to speed read, so that he could review his spells quicker? Look no further, as your wishes have been granted.

Flavor Package Description
Spells_1 Spellbook_Always_successful.package Your sim has a 100% chance to cast a spell successfully
Spells_2 Spellbook_Always_successful_quickreview.package Your sim has a 100% chance to cast a spell successfully. Reviewing a spell takes 1 sim minute.
Spells_3 Spellbook_Always_successful_quickreview.package Your sim has a 100% chance to cast a spell successfully. Reviewing a spell takes 1 sim minute.
Spells_4 Spellbook_2xsuccess_5review_LTR30.package Your sim has twice the default chance to cast a spell successfully. Reviewing a spell takes 5 sim minutes. Mood Elevatus Spell increases relationship by 30 (up from 15)

How to install
Just plop it into the same place that you place all your other mods.

❗ Conflicts ❗

  • This mod alters the SpellBook_0x5c5946dbffca3d44 XML resource found in GameplayData.package and the Spell Book package.
  • This mod will conflict with any other mod that alters or otherwise replaces the above mentioned XML resources.
  • This means:  if you are using a mod that clones the spell book and the fountain of youth, so that they both work properly in your game, you will have a conflict!
  • To fix your spell book and fountain of youth and be able to use this mod, use the MATY Premium Content Fix . This will not cause problems even if you don’t have the  More Magic! Set from the Store.

Other Problems with your Spell book?
If, after removing your old Spell Book/FOY fix, the interactions on Spell Book and Fountain of Youth are blank, you will need to re-install your Spell Book and Fountain of youth. To do this, first uninstall those two items via the Launcher. Then you can re-install them using the sims3packs for Hidden Springs and the Gothique Library/Spell Book. How can I uninstall content using the Launcher ?

Always back up your files before you do this! Make sure you back up your saves, in case you uninstall Hidden Springs by mistake. Also, when I did this, my Killer Classics set uninstalled itself as well for some reason. I re-installed it and everything was fine.

If your spell book is causing you grief by making your sim reset whenever he tries to use it, you have two ways to fix the problem:

If you’d like an additional flavor, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Additional Credits:
Peter & Inge Jones for S3PE, Armiel for the Builder’s DIY Island which I use so frequently for testing. Omega for his Magic Items Fix and Simon (from MATY) for his fix for the spell book reset bug. Note: new Premium Content Fix from MATY is also by Omega.


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  1. […] Spell Book Mod […]

    Pingback by Patch 1.34 Compatibility « Nona's Sims | June 4, 2012 | Reply

  2. I need help! I’ve been trying to fix my game and the problem i am having is that I can’t install store content. The launcher freezes up when I try to (not responding) and I’ve already tried reinstalling and I’ve tried deleting the caches.

    Comment by Serena | March 15, 2014 | Reply

    • Hi Serena. Unfortunately, your problem is very general and it could mean many things. Once I had a similar problem because one of my extra harddrives was dying.

      Before you start the launcher, go to Documents\Electronic Arts and rename The Sims 3 folder to something else, like The Sims 3.old. Start the launcher, and then try to install your store content. If you store content installs, then you have something in your old The Sims 3 folder which is causing the crash.To get your old The Sims 3 folder back (with all of your saves, sims, mods, store content etc), just delete the new The Sims 3 folder and re-name the old folder back to the The Sims 3.

      If your launcher still crashes after you’ve made a clean Sims 3 folder, then you have another problem.

      Try also reading:

      Comment by Nona | March 15, 2014 | Reply

  3. Hi, I love your mod. But sadly, it’s not working for me. My base game is 1.67 (previously 1.63) My sim is a witch, and I do have the spellbook (with no glitch). I did put the mod in the right folder I’m sure, but not any of the flavors seems to work at all. . I wonder why. Is there anyone else has the same problem?

    Comment by Tom Vo | July 5, 2017 | Reply

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